Euromillions: two disabled pensioners stripped of part of their jackpot

modified: 2023-01-08 13:43:02

A disabled couple who won the Euromillions accuse their niece and her husband of squandering their money. The case is ongoing.

  Euromillions: two disabled pensioners stripped of'une partie de leur pactole

On August 12, 2014, a disabled couple one of whom is blind and the other 80% disabled won the Euromillions . The jackpot was 513,136.70 euros. The two handicapped are old and have no children. Thus, to avoid losing their social benefits, they decide not to pocket that money . How to do ?

They share the Euromillions prize with their loved ones

To avoid losing their disabled adult allowances, Euromillions winners decide to contact their niece . The latter's husband is the director of a bank in Toulouse . To do this, the four individuals, including the two disabled and their niece with her husband, go to the Française des jeux . All 4 of them certify that they have completed this Euromillions grid together.

Sixties accept that their niece and her husband collect the jackpot . In exchange, they will have to build them a house. For a total of 350,000 euros, a 130 square meter house was built in 2017 . The rest of the money is kept in the banker's bank account to ensure possible repair work.

The same year, the real winners of the Euromillions move into the new house as a tenant . As such, he would have to pay rent to the landlord. However, as it is their own home, the banker had to return the money to them in cash .

A breach of contract

So far, there is no problem, the plan of the two disabled Euromillions winners seems to be working well. However, from here the versions of the facts are different . Pensioners who pay rent accuse the banker of not paying back the rents. Because of this, they decided not to pay any more rent .

Worse still, the conflict escalates in 2020 when the house's boiler malfunctions. As originally planned, the rest of the jackpot should be used to finance any distribution projects. not. Against all odds, the banker and his wife refuse to have the boiler repaired.

In 2022, the conflict has reached its peak . The banker and his wife initiate eviction proceedings against the sixties. In response, the latter seized the court of Périgueux for abuse of weakness .

Disabled accuse their niece and her husband of abusing them

The complaint for abuse of weakness is filed with the court of Périgueux. After an investigation by the gendarmes, the banker and his wife were judged this Thursday, January 5, 2023 . The defendants are required to pay a fine of 10,000 euros for abuse of vulnerability towards their elders.

In addition to this, the house rented by the Euromillions winners as well as two other houses belonging to the defendants are confiscated. The motive is that these buildings were built thanks to the profits of the manipulation . The amount of this seizure is estimated at 500,000 euros.

Despite this result, which seems to be to the advantage of the two handicapped, the prosecutor still lectured them well . Relayed by the news site La Dépêche published on January 7, 2023, here are the words of the prosecutor to the two disabled persons:

“You were either very gullible or too greedy”.

Gullible, for they granted blind trust in their niece and her husband . They are also greedy, because this whole thing started with the idea that they do not want to lose their social benefits. Beneficiaries of the Euromillions wanted to deceive the French administration .

The niece and her husband contest any abuse

On the other side of the scale, the banker and his wife “fully contest” having abused their uncle and aunt . According to their lawyer, this case is “incredible”. Which is to say, a rare affair. According to the explanations of the banker, the sixties winners of the Euromillions knew very well what they were doing . There is no abuse of weakness.

Waiting for, the verdict to be delivered on February 13, 2023 , three of their houses are seized as a precaution. Here, this case makes us think of breach of trust and gluttony. If the two disabled Euromillions winners have cashed in their winnings, no problem will have happened .

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Source : Ladepeche