Évelyne Dhéliat: the weather presenter recounts her unforgettable moment in concert with Julien Doré

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Last December, Évelyne Dhéliat surprised all her fans by joining Julien Doré on stage. An unforgettable experience for her.

  Évelyne Dhéliat: the weather presenter recounts her unforgettable moment in concert with Julien Doré

Évelyne Dhéliat, emblematic character of the French weather forecast, is known to all generations . The host surprised everyone by coming on stage alongside Julien Doré at the Accor Arena in Paris on his song Coco Câline. The weather presenter looks back on this incredible experience. We tell you everything in this article.

This proposal on television that Évelyne Dhéliat has always refused

Nikos Aliagas interviewed Évelyne Dhéliat in order to know her a little more . The presenter asked her what gift of nature she would like to have. What the weather expert replied 'sing in tune' .

His interlocutor then said:

“We can arrange it my dear Évelyne, come see us in The Voice! '.

She then said:

“I have often been offered to do Dance with the Stars, but never The Voice, my dear Nikos… But I sing super out of tune, we often laughed with the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut when he said, at the end of a meal for example, 'good now, Évelyne is going to sing friends!', and it was fun! »

The fans won't be able to see the weathercaster sing anytime soon . However, she mentioned that time when Julien Doré asked him to come on stage at the Accor Arena.

“Almost a month ago, Julien Doré asked me to be with him on stage for his last on Coco Câline at the Accor Arena. It was so crazy and so nice to do it… But I didn't sing! “, she said.

But I didn't sing!

How did Julien Doré convince him to join him on stage?

On December 9, Évelyne Dhéliat surprised the audience by joining Julien Doré on stage in Paris. The TV host claimed that it was “a great experience” that she is not ready to forget.

“Julien Doré is a very kind person,” explains Évelyne Dhéliat.

However, she said she does not 'didn't know personally' the singer when he contacted him by message.

Miss Weather claimed that this text was totally “adorable” .

“In his show currently on tour, he has a song, “Coco Câline”, during which he projects a TF1 weather map on a green background. Every evening he puts the name of the city in which he plays, as well as a temperature, ”she continues.

That's why this one appealed to the emblematic figure of the French weather forecast .

“For his visit to Paris, he asked me to come and make an appearance on stage at that time. I said OK! »

The next day, Évelyne Dhéliat wrote a comment on Twitter who said :

'Magical concert by Julien Doré and an immense happiness for me to have been at his side on stage! A big thank you Julien for this 'weather duo' congratulations for this show which leaves us with stars in our eyes! »

Still on her Twitter account, Évelyne Dhéliat posted a photo alongside the singer .

“It was yesterday evening on the stage of the Accor Arena, Julien Doré ends his tour, tonight Lille tomorrow Brussels. What a pleasure for me to have shared the stage with him for a moment… for a wink in the weather! Monday, I'll find you on the 'green background' TF1,' she wrote in the caption.

The confidences of Évelyne Dhéliat on her end of career

Evelyne Dheliat holds the record for the longest CDI of the TF1 group.

“I started studying English and did some modeling. I answered a classified ad to make some pocket money. I became a speaker. In 1971, Pierre Sabbagh made me sign my CDI, ”she explains in an interview with Parisian last December.

As a reminder, Évelyne Dhéliat presents TF1 weather since 1991 . With his '51 years of work', many wonder if she is now thinking of withdrawing from the green background of TF1 . But she said she still plans to keep her place for a while.

'I always want to,' she said.

She has “no fatigue” for his work which is “more exciting than ever with everything that is happening”.

According to the 74-year-old weather presenter, 'our material is constantly evolving' . She mentioned that the choice to leave or not was not really his.

'It's not up to me, it's up to the viewer and my boss,' she said.

Thierry Thuillier, director of information for TF1, meanwhile, announced:

“I can tell you that she will be here for many more years. She is an exceptional woman who is interested in everything: she has made videos on TikTok and has just opened a Twitter account. »

Evelyne Dheliat so won't be leaving anytime soon .

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