Evian, Badoit, Volvic… here is why these waters have disappeared from supermarkets!

modified: 2022-09-17 16:02:01

Three famous products from a supermarket have disappeared from its shelves for a few days. Could it still be linked to the shortage?


It is no longer a surprise to many that the shortage is raging in France for some time. The fault lies entirely with this disproportionate inflation in the country! But now is not the time lamentations . The important thing now is to face the consequences and find solutions. Some everyday essentials completely vanished in a supermarket. We give you the details!

Supermarket: Large surfaces are impacted by the situation!

The arrival of this crisis in the country somewhat resembles the effect of venom. In a gentle way, she began to immobilize the weakest sectors without the appearance of anything.

Then it dealt the deathblow to the lifeblood of the economy. In other words, we are talking about the agri-food sector! In addition, its misdeeds do not stop at small stall businesses . The supermarket sector also pays the price!

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Thus, zero taught famous in France cannot boast of being unscathed in the face of this crisis. Which explains supermarket promotions recently !

As an example, we cite the boost from Lidl , the anti-inflation shield of Leclerc , or the price freeze at Carrefour! In the case of Intermarché, the consequences of this shortage do not go unnoticed! As we speak to you, three products are no longer for sale.

Evian, Badoit and Volvic products have left Intermarché!

If you are a loyal subscriber of this supermarket , we are sure that these brands are not indifferent to you. For those who don't know, they are mineral water suppliers under the brand name .

It should be noted that these agro-industrialists and the store have been in operation for a long time. partnership . enough to say that Intermarché customers has already become accustomed to buying these products. Unfortunately, these were missing from the shelves for a few days !

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Many wonder if it is linked to a shortage of stock because of the shortage . Therefore, the leader of the Mousquetaires group was invited by BFM Business. They wanted this supermarket manager to clarify the reasons for this situation.

Didier Duhaupand explained that this was due to a bad deal between him and these companies. He did not agree with the price increase imposed by the latter. Hence the withdrawal immediate of their products!

Supermarket: Didier Duhaupand wants to be fair to his customers!

In fact, the manager of the chain of the Musketeers is aware of the current difficulties. In other words, the rising prices of transport and raw materials such as plastic.

However, he finds that the proposal of these three mineral water brands is exaggerated. By the same occasion , in no way spares the purchasing power of subscribers of son supermarché.

Instead of sacrificing them, this supermarket manager confessed to BFM TV stand up for his clients. Thus, he broke his contract with his collaborators despite the crisis.

Only, Didier Duhaupand think it's just temporary . At this moment, he is still starting negotiations with the leader of Volvic. Hope they find common ground! To be continued…