Exceptional back-to-school bonus: find out how to get help of at least €100!

modified: 2022-09-13 15:06:01

Social beneficiaries and students will receive 100 euros with this back-to-school bonus! It could even reach 250 euros!

  Back-to-school bonus

From September 15, 10.8 million euros in social assistance will be paid to every household in France! Beneficiaries of social minima and students will be the targets for this grandiose bonus. To help you not miss these advantages , discover the various back-to-school bonuses that are due to you and where to claim them!

Back-to-school bonus: The beneficiaries of the aid!

For some time, it was noted that the level of inflation increased by 4.8%. An increase that has had a great impact for the French! And to remedy this, the government has placed this new payment system as a “pledge of solidarity” and “social justice”.

In other words, the French State has agreed to catch up through this back-to-school bonus. As a result, a good number of citizens are going benefit of these advantages.

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As planned, this exceptional back-to-school bonus will be paid next Thursday by the French government. According to Minister Jean-Christophe Combe, after his statement sent to AFP: 'For households not benefiting from social minima and receiving the activity bonus (…) a payment exceptional and complementary is expected by the fall.'

Rest assured, everyone will have their share, even the payment will be a little delayed. The most important thing is that it lessens the impact of this growing inflation.

The amount paid and the method of payment

If the back-to-school bonus benefits students, it is also advantageous for social beneficiaries. As a result, what social category can hope to benefit from it? So, know that people with a dependent child can take advantage of 100 euros .

However, this amount can increase up to 250 euros yes the family has 3 dependent children! In a nutshell, a household will receive 50 euros more for each child.

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For the back-to-school bonus, the sum will be distributed automatically by transfer to the bank accounts of the persons concerned using the allowance funds family. The government also wants to help the unemployed!

If by chance you are registered at unemployment , the French State allowed the employment center to make the payment.

Back-to-school bonus: Exceptional help compared to the ARS!

In France, there are several aids that the State grants. For example, 8 million families receive the Active Solidarity Income or the Disabled Adult Allowance and 2.8 million households receive the activity bonus!

But for the back-to-school bonus, this news law has been specially chosen to help households as much as possible for this school year. It was adopted by deputies and senators.

Moreover, this back-to-school bonus has nothing to do with back-to-school allowance or ARS. This is aid paid in two stages to families with at least one school-going child aged six to 18. The amount varies according to the age of the child.

The payment was made twice in August while the back-to-school bonus will be made this month of September. These payments will therefore be consecutive, to the delight of households!