Exceptional back-to-school bonus, fuel discount: these aids granted in 2022 and 2023!

modified: 2022-09-22 21:48:02

The French are benefiting from various bonuses this winter. Indeed, the government friends in place many alternatives for fireplaces.


We have recently seen that various aids are offered to French households. These alternatives have been put in place in order to improve purchasing power. And of course, to keep up with inflation. The bonus can therefore concern both energy and other areas.

The bonus for the start of the school year!

As a reminder, approximately 10.8 million low-income households have benefited from back-to-school bonus Thursday, September 15, 2022. The sum was €100 per household, plus €50 per dependent child.

This alternative was put in place by the amending finance law. Similarly, the students who have not received their APL for the month of September, also receive this back-to-school bonus.

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For households that already receive the activity bonus , they will be able to benefit from aid of €28, increased by €14 per dependent child. But on condition that their income does not exceed the minimum collection. In addition, no action is required to benefit from this assistance.

You just need to be eligible and haven't received one yet. Those responsible for l’allocation are the Family Allowance Fund, Pôle Emploi or the Crous as well as the Mutualité sociale agricole. You can contact them for more information.

Energy aid

The first bonus in the field of energy consists in maintaining the fuel discount . The alternative had been in place since April 1, 2022 following the price increase of the latter.

The concept is that the state provides a reduction for each liter of fuel procured. The amount was initially set between 15 to 18 cents per liter. This system will end in December 2022.

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Next to it we also have the check deposit for an amount of 100 to 200 €. 40% of households, i.e. 12 million French households, will benefit of this prime energy.

The eligibility criterion is an income not exceeding €17,530 in one year. On the fuel side, households using oil heating will receive aid of around €100 to €200 from November 2022. 1.4 million households are concerned.

What about the other bonuses?

Apart from the aid mentioned above, a person who takes in orphans or who has been raising children alone for at least 20 years also receives a bonus. The grant is paid by the ASF or the family support allowance .

The amount varies from €122.92 to €184.38 per month depending on the number of dependent children for single parents. Those who have taken in an orphan benefit from a sum between €163.87 and €245.80 per month.

Finally, let's also talk about the prime Macron . This alternative was set up to meet the demand for yellow vests. It especially concerns purchasing power.

Indeed, this value-sharing aid can reach €3,000. It can go up to 6,000 euros, for example for a company that has signed a profit-sharing agreement.

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