Exceptional energy check: a payment this week, are you concerned?

modified: 2023-01-17 17:36:08

The payment of the exceptional energy check is staggered by region. Here are the areas that are affected the week of January 16 to 20.

  Exceptional energy check: a payment this week, are you concerned?

The exceptional energy check is a exceptional aid to combat rising energy prices current. This energy inflation is due to the imbalance between supply and demand . Right when you need it most (winter), kremlin has decided to reduce its gas exports to the rest of Europe. In total, approximately 12 million French citizens are concerned by this exceptional aid of 100 to 200 euros . The payment has already started since December 12, 2022 . This week, we are on the 6ᵉ installment. Here are the departments concerned by this penultimate payment.

Remember what the exceptional energy check is

We say reminder, because since the payment is about to end, Surely you have already heard of this aid . Before discussing the conditions for granting and the conditions of use of the check , let’s first detail its amount.

The amount of the exceptional energy check

The amount of an exceptional energy check varies from 100 to 200 euros . This figure varies according to the income that the beneficiary receives. The Actu.fr information site, published on January 15, 2023, gave an illustration .

“200 euros for households that are already beneficiaries of the classic energy voucher, and for which the annual reference tax income per consumption unit is less than 10,800 euros”

As for the other amount, here is the rule:

“100 euros for households whose annual reference tax income per consumption unit is between 10,800 euros and 17,400 euros. »

The conditions for granting this financial aid

As its name suggests, for benefit from the exceptional energy check , an exceptional situation is required. Prices aside, grant conditions of this measure are similar to that of the classic energy check . Thereby :

  • You must be French
  • Residing in France
  • And respect the conditions of resources

As a result, the classic energy check and the exceptional energy check are complementary . Moreover, the granting of one is a condition for perceiving the other .

Where can this check be used?

The government website Service-Public answered this question . According to the information you can read on the platform:

The exceptional energy check helps you pay for the following expenses :

  • Energy bills and purchase of fuel: electricity, natural gas or liquefied petroleum, heating oil, wood
  • Energy charges included in your fee: a kind of rent for people living in sheltered accommodation or in an establishment (Ehpad or EHPA),
  • Certain energy works or expenses for your home: energy renovation works

However, be careful, energy checks exceptional paid this year are only valid until March 31, 2024 .

The areas concerned by the payment of the energy check this week

For this year 2023, we are on the 3ᵉ installment. It is also the 6ᵉ and penultimate payment of the exceptional energy check. It should be noted that for certain territories, there are several shipments . Without further ado, the beneficiaries of this exceptional aid housed in the following departments will receive their check in a few days .


  • 56 – Morbihan

Great East

  • 67 – Bas-Rhin (outside Strasbourg)

New Aquitaine

  • 16 – Charente
  • 17 – Charente Maritime
  • 24 – Dordogne
  • 33 – Gironde (4ᵉ dispatch)
  • 40 – country
  • 47 – Lot et Garonne
  • 64 – Pyrenees-Atlantiques
  • 86 – Vienna
  • 87 – Haute Vienne


  • 09 – Ariège
  • 12 – Aveyron
  • 31- Haute-Garonne
  • 32 – Gers
  • 46 – Lot
  • 65 – Hautes-Pyrenees
  • 66 – Pyrenees-Orientales
  • 82 – Tarn et Garonne

The exceptional energy check is sent by mail . Between the sending and the arrival of the check in the beneficiary's home , there is a certain amount of time. According to the government, reported by Actu.fr, this period is “between 2 and 4 days” .

What to do if you have not received an exceptional energy check?

Your department is in the area where the payment is already made, but you have not received anything. First of all, you need to check your eligibility . Refer to the aforementioned grant conditions or do a simulation on the check-energy.gov website.

If it turns out that you are eligible, but did not receive anything. It is within your right to make complaints . For that, you can call the green number at 0 805 204 805 . This number is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There you go, 12 million people are affected by the exceptional energy check . For those who heat with oil and wood, another exceptional check reinforces this one .

Source : actu.fr

source: foozine.com