Fake bank advisers: beware of these fraudulent calls

modified: 2022-12-23 21:53:02

Now, there are many scams in France, including fake bank advisors. Don't fall into the trap!

  Fake bank advisers: beware of these fraudulent calls

France has experienced an explosion of scams in recent years. Be aware that after the first confinement in March 2020, criminals took advantage of all online purchases to recover the bank data of many French people. In effect, criminals use people’s worry and vulnerability to take advantage of them . There are many scams of all kinds. Whether it's the carte vitale scam, the TPE scam or even fake bank advisors. The latter are very organized and succeed in recovering the personal data of their targets. By doing this, they can then use the victims' bank cards and make purchases online. All this before the victim realizes it. To avoid falling into the trap , it is worth knowing more about scam techniques wrongdoers. We'll explaine everything here !

Beware of fake bank advisors

Do you know fake bank advisors? These criminals who pretend to be bank advisers and manage to obtain the personal data of their victims . Their technique is very simple. On the other hand, unfortunately, the confidence that the French have in their banks means that the pitfalls prove difficult to avoid. This scam is therefore set up as follows. A bank advisor calls you, and alerts you to fraud on your bank account . So far, nothing is out of the ordinary. However, it seems that it is actually a fake bank adviser, or a scammer, on the other end of the line. This criminal, in just a few minutes, can embezzle thousands of euros from the victims. A scam which has existed for a few years and which continues to claim victims.

A French couple, in just two hours on the phone with fake bank advisers, almost lost all their savings. Indeed, in May 2022, they received a call from a man. This man therefore took the time to introduce himself, with a very eloquent speech , as their banker. ' He gives me a certain amount of information, which is all true “said the victim. This explains why after a while, a certain confidence is established. Unfortunately, the reality of things seems quite different. In effect, the criminal stole all of the couple's personal data. By making this call, the scammer wanted to take control of their bank account. And this, no doubt to make online purchases with the couple's card.

False administrative forms

The trap is created, little by little, over the call. Indeed, fake bank advisers then ask for information that should never be revealed. Nevertheless, the victim has the impression of talking with his banker . Because of this, he sees no harm in giving him important information. The error is there. The scammer therefore explains that the victim's account is targeted by fraudulent debits. The victim must therefore help to cancel the transactions on their banking application. Unfortunately, in reality, it only gives access to its account to the scammer. ' In reality, I validate the famous payments “said the victim. It should be noted that there was nearly 1000 victims of this scam to the fake bank advisor in France in 2022 .

You are probably wondering how they gain access to the victim's account . In order to obtain the personal data of their victims, criminals use false administrative forms. Indeed, they send these forms by email to the victims. And this, a few days before taking action and set the trap. An organized scam that involves work by fake bank advisors before the phone call. On the other hand, once the call is over, in just a few minutes, the scammers can empty the bank accounts. Know that the authorities wish to alert the French on this subject. Thereby, they advise never to transmit confidential information over the telephone. Indeed, a real bank advisor would not ask you for your security code over the phone. Do not fall into the trap of these criminals.

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