Family allowances: the new ceilings for receiving your CAF aid

modified: 2023-01-19 09:48:04

More than 5 million households benefit from family allowances. And the resource ceilings for this aid have just climbed.

  Family allowances: the new ceilings for receiving your CAF aid

Parents know well this social benefit . For families with two or more children, family allowances do not concern only the most modest. Paid by the CAF, or the MSA, these aids act as a boost for many households. Sure, their amounts vary according to household income and the number of dependent minors . Faced with inflation, the scale of access to family allowances was revalued in January 2023. Thus, the sums you receive through this scheme might climb . We will explain everything to you.

The ceilings have increased

For grant family allowances , CAF and MSA use two key pieces of information. The first condition concerns household resources. The second takes into account the composition of the household, at least the number of dependent children. The families are thus divided into three different sections. This categorization directly impacts the amount of social assistance collected each month.

Your rights change according to the new scale applicable in 2023 . For example, if you have two children:

  • You are part of tranche 1 if you have less than 71,194 euros in 2021.
  • If your 2021 income is between 71,194 and 94,893 euros, you belong to bracket 2.
  • If your income has exceeded 94,893 euros in 2021, you enter bracket 3.

For families with 3 dependent children , the scale family allowances for 2023, provides that:

  • With income below 77,126 euros , you are part of tranche 1.
  • If your income is between 77,126 and 100,825 euros, you are part of bracket 2.
  • You belong to bracket 3, when your income exceeds 100,825 euros.

Sure, the ceilings are constantly changing according to the number of children supported within the household. Here are all the resource caps applicable in 2023 , for the calculation of family allowances.

Number of children Tranche 1 Tranche 2 Tranche 3
4 children ≤ €83,058 ≤ €106,757 > €106,757
5 children €93,520 ≤ €116,848 > €116,848
Per additional child €5,932 more €5,932 more €5,932 more

The amount of family allowances will increase in turn

You will have understood it: for this service , your rights depend on your resources. Tier 1 corresponds to the most modest households, and Tier 3, to the wealthiest. The less income the family has, the more the amount child benefit will be high. So, here the levels of this aid, slice by slice :

Number of children Tranche 1 Tranche 2 Tranche 3
2 €139.83 €69.92 €34.96
3 €318.99 €159.50 €79.75
Per additional child €179.16 €89.58 €44.78

However, these amounts will only remain applicable until March 31, 2023 . After this date, family allowances should increase in April 2023. A priori, this rise , expected in the spring, should reach 1.7%.

If you raise children over 14 years old , be aware that you are entitled to an increase, ranging from 34.96 euros to 69.92 euros (for tranche 1). You can also receive family allowances for all your children under the age of 20.

Normally, you do not have to do anything to get this help . You just need to be registered with the CAF (or MSA), and to have filled in your situation online. According to the number of dependent children and declared resources, the transfer will arrive directly in your bank account. That said, if you only have one child, you are not part of the public eligible for this service .

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