Fast food: McDonald's will offer vegetable fries instead of potatoes

modified: 2023-02-27 16:28:03

From March 7, McDonald's iconic potatoes will no longer be available on their menu. The details


The famous potatoes of the fast food chain McDonald's will soon disappear . This is a temporary campaign that is to replace them with vegetable fries . This is a special blend of carrots, beets and parsnips. This is the first time that the fast-food chain offers this accompaniment for burgers . The operation will begin this Tuesday, March 7 and will last for a few weeks . More is said in the next lines.

Towards a more “healthy” fast-food option

As of March 7, 2023, McDonald's will launch an unprecedented novelty on its product line.

'I can't wait to see my customers' faces when I tell them that there are no more potatoes for three weeks! “, announced a franchisee of the famous fast-food brand.

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He added saying:

'It's a flagship product for us, it's as if the Big Mac disappeared'

L’information will be released to the general public before the first week launch.

To replace French fries cut into wedges, the restaurant chain bet on vegetable fries . However, this is a product test that will take place for 3 to 4 weeks. This delay aims to gauge consumer response to this 'veggie' side dish.

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That said, the firm this is not his first attempt .

“It launches around ten new products a year. She has already tested different potato recipes ('waffle', 'wavy fries'. But this is the first time that she has put vegetables on the menu,' said a specialist in the field.

As a reminder, this product was discontinued at the time because it was not popular enough with customers.

About this new product, the franchisee said:

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'It's a gamble, a bold choice.'

His success will depend on the consumer .

The fast-food chain is adapting to “new consumer needs”.

The American fast food giant was inspired by the current trend which is turning more and more towards “healthy” food. Obviously, this one intends to satisfy the “new consumer needs” .

But above all, McDonald's wants to vary his menu . He understood that consumers are looking to “diversify their diet” .

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That said, the fast-food chain wants to play on the novelty card in the face of increasingly tough competition in its sector. Besides Quick claimed a strong comeback . Are relaunch plan includes television spots with the participation of Eric and Ramzy.

This change comes in time to face its competitor. However, this momentary campaign required long months of preparation .

'It's a long-term job that we started in August 2021 to reserve the land of our 25 partner farmers. After sowing last March, the harvest was done in October, before their processing for the launch,” explained McDonald’s purchasing director Éloi de la Celle.

No additional cost for the consumer

To implement this project, the national leader in the burger market, allied with McCain, the leader in frozen products . This last will therefore be in charge of the industrial development of these fries vegetables.

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3,000 tons of vegetables were planted in Hauts-de-France , for the new campaign. Several analyzes were carried out in order to choose the best varieties . As Éloi de Celle pointed out,

“We tested twelve to retain three. We needed vegetables that were quite hard but with a low water content, which were resistant to cutting”

McDonald's R&D teams and McCain's agronomic department had to multiply the tests . He had to “ensure that the product remains tasty and attractive”.

THE carrots, beets and parsnips will be fried and mixed .

“It is the marriage of the three which is quite interesting, with the slightly sweet carrot which counterbalances the more marked side of the others”, explained Éloi de la Celle.

Ces frites de legumes will then be presented in plastic cones in medium and large formats. As a reminder, disposable packaging are no longer authorized since January 1 .

That said, they can even be offered as an accompaniment of each menu. The product will be served “at no additional cost to the consumer” .

Source : CNews