Dad Kills 2 Daughters & Himself – As Mother Is Forced To Listen Over Phone

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

What a definitely abstruse disaster.

The whole neighborhood of Sand Springs, Oklahoma has actually been shaken by an astounding criminal activity today. 2 regional teen sis, Clarissa Kaser, 19, and Crystal “Grey” Kaser, 14, were shot to death. And cops state it was their daddy who eliminated them– prior to turning the weapon on himself. Much more disturbing, he called the women’ mom on the phone so she might hear it.

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Police state David Kaser, 56, was jobless and handicapped, putting him at house with the kids while his other half of 30 years, was at work. He called her up, threatening and upset to eliminate the women and himself. The couple had actually obviously been having marital issues for a very long time, with officers having actually been to the house on a domestic disruption contact 2017.

As Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner put it:

” It most likely isn’t the very first time that they had this type of discussion.”

However this time his dangers were anything however hollow. The bad lady– who worked over 20 minutes far from the house– called cops, informing them about the call, which she ‘d heard a gunshot over the phone as her partner stated to her:

” How do you like that?”


Police discovered and went into the house David, Clarissa, and Grey– all dead with a single gunshot injury, the daddy’s seemingly self-inflicted. In among the most troubling declarations we’ve heard, cops informed journalism they in fact understand the intention for the criminal activity and have actually made the household mindful– however would not be sharing it with the general public.

Speaking of the household, Kenan Kaser, among the 2 women’ making it through siblings, has actually established a GoFundMe to assist spend for funeral service costs. He started matter-of-factly:

” As a number of you have actually seen in the news, there was a horrible disaster in Sand Springs. My daddy killed my 2 sis, then himself. It was with a weapon, it was quick, they didnt suffer. My household remains in total shock. No one might have forecasted this.”

About his late sis, he composed:

” My sis enjoyed life, quite. They both had fantastic prepare for the future, things looked intense. My daddy took their futures.”

So real. Kenan likewise discussed the “numerous financial obligations” his mom acquired from his daddy in addition to memorial costs. Since this writing, it’s less than midway to its objective of $20,000. The whole neighborhood of the little Oklahoma city is feeling the loss. Sand Springs is a residential area of simply under 20,000 souls. And yet, shockingly, this is the 2nd murder-suicide there given that January 30, when a guy stabbed his other half and their 2 children to death prior to eliminating himself.

What is occurring in this nation today?

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