Fauve Hautot about to leave Dancing with the stars? His unexpected revelations!

modified: 2022-09-21 21:50:05

Fauve Hautot definitely puts down his suitcases from Dancing with the Stars. A television show that has made her famous for more than ten years.

  Fauve Hautot

One of the stars of the show Dance with the stars declares its permanent withdrawal from the show. This is Fauve Hautot. She made her debut on this show in 2011, a career spanning over 10 years. Now that she is talking about stopping everything for another life. What to say, we won't have the chance to see her on the show this time, when the season had just opened .

Fauve Hautot has other ambitions!

Mainly known thanks to the show Dance with the stars , Fauve Hautot seems to have other projects . After her big victory with Tayc in November 2021, she decided to stop there. During the launch of season 12, our colleagues from Télé-loisirs ask him for a short interview.

Fauve Hautot announced that she had changes in his life . That it is no longer possible for her to return to the floor of Dance with the stars .

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If you are a fan of the show , know that you will have the chance to see an internationally renowned artist among the candidates , Billy Crawford. It's for this new season that we will see.

As it concerns, our beautiful Fauve Hautot , who was also part of the jury of this emission . It's time to change your life. For his fans, his absence will be felt during season 12.

Another career that looks pretty good

Despite her definitive withdrawal from Dancing with the Stars, Fauve Hautot is not ready to leave the stage. She has already done his beginnings in the Great Art . For those who don't know, in addition to her great talent as a dancer, Fauve Hautot is also an actress .

We have already had the opportunity to see the tv series Raphaëlle and Astrid for example. We have also seen it in the film Murder in Berry or even The Art of Crime. A completely different facet of Fauve Hautot, which promises a nice future .

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From the height of his 36 years, the beautiful Fauve Hautot Seems to see where she is going to lead her life and her career. Despite his break with his companion Jules Renault, she does not lose a second to I will reprimand in main son futur .

Fauve Hautot: Discreet since his big victory

Winning outing from season 11 of Dance with the stars in the company of Tayc, Fauve Hautot has decided to remain discreet on his career and life in general . She confided in the pages of Tele-entertainment : « This is the course of things. I am 36 years old and will turn to creation. For twelve seasons, I have lived incredible moments. But eventually, I will have other projects. Life is growing every day . »

Doesn't that mean that she no longer plans to return to the show ? We don't know because she's been very reserved lately.

A beautiful confession that lets us think that even before it ends, Fauve Hautot has already drawn another career . She was just waiting for the right moment to make her dream come true .

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