Firmine Richard: her moving testimony about her imprisoned son

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Faced with Jordan De Luxe, Firmine Richard made heartbreaking confidences about her son in prison. She says she has to “survive for him”.

  Firmine Richard: her moving testimony about her imprisoned son

Monday January 2023, Firmine Richard was the guest of Jordan De Luxe as part of an interview for Télé-Loisirs. The opportunity for the actress to talk about her son. As a reminder, the latter is currently behind bars . In this article, we are going to take stock of what she said.

Firmine Richard says not to be ashamed

As a reminder, Firmine Richard is a famous figure in French cinema . She is particularly known for his roles in fiction 'Retirement home', 'My heroine', 'Plan B' or even 'Murders in Marie-Galante'.

However, it is not of these roles that she came to speak in 'Chez Jordan'. Indeed, during this interview for Télé-Loisirs, Firmine Richard spoke more about her son , Keneff Leauva.

As revealed by Le Parisien, on April 13, 2021, the young man who was then 39 years old was remanded in custody . For good reason, he was charged with murder. For its part, defendant's mother supported her boy despite accusations .

'I have nothing to be ashamed of,' Firmine Richard told Jordan De Luxe.

Firmine Richard accuses social networks

It must not be easy for Firmine Richard. Especially since everyone is not necessarily able to understand his point of view . In any case, according to what the actress confided during her interview, she is trying to move forward.

'It's very hard to live. But I have to survive for him. I go to see him once a month. A mom remains a mom, ”she confessed with tears in her eyes.

You should know that for Firmine Richard, this drama happened because of social networks . This does not prevent her from fully recognizing the responsibility of her son.

'My son actually dealt a mortal blow to someone who came to pick him up outside my house,' she admitted.

Firmine Richard then go back to what happened :

“He was always on the networks. Networks are a terrible thing. All of my son's problems came from the networks. This guy came to my house at 5 a.m. saying that if he didn't come out, he was the one who would come into the residence. So my son came out with a knife, because it wasn't the first time this guy had hit him, and he's a six-foot-two colossus. »

Still, Keneff Leauva, 40, will soon be judged . On this subject, his mother; Firmine Richard has no illusions. At least that's what the actress hinted during his interview with Jordan De Luxe .

'I know he will be heavily punished because there is a death,' she said.

This before adding:

'But I'm a mom. I hope to see him get out of prison one day. […] I would support him until I die. »

What do we know about this murder case?

As a reminder, this case dates back almost 2 years ago . Citing a police source, Le Parisien announced the indictment of the suspect on April 13, 2021. Firmine Richard's son was then 39 years old.

'Keneff Leauva is accused of having stabbed more than ten times a man with whom he had allegedly had a 'dispute on social networks', 'we can read in the article.

The police source, relayed by Le Parisien pretty much corroborates the actress's words . Indeed, the victim would have gone to the home of Firmine Richard around 6 a.m. .

Things would have degenerated very quickly, because Keneff Leauva allegedly chased the “1.92m colossus” down the street . This before carrying the 10 stab wounds which were right for the victim.

Also interestingly, the scene was broadcast live on the Bigo streaming platform . It was only after netizens shared the grisly video on Twitter. In particular, we see the two men against a background of desperate screams from a woman.

The man had a lengthy criminal record

The Parisian teams went to the Raymond Queneau metro station , in the neighborhood where Firmine Richard lives. The inhabitants around seem to know neither Keneff Leauva nor his mother .

'We saw him from time to time but he seemed rather quiet,' said a neighbor who couldn't believe the violence.

Before hoping:

'I don't want this whole story to fall on her mother, she has nothing to do with it. »

However, Keneff Leauva was known to the police and even had a lengthy criminal record. So that in 2017, the son of Firmine Richard had served a year in prison for homophobic aggression.

Source : Current wife