Firmine Richard: her son sentenced to 19 years in prison

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Firmine Richard's son is convicted of a murder broadcast live on the Web. The Bobigny Assize Court set his sentence.

  Firmine Richard: her son sentenced to 19 years in prison

The Internet will never forget the cries of Mamadi Tauré, stabbed live by Keneff Leauva , the son of Firmine Richard, in April 2021. The latter is indicted and placed in provisional decision . Then this Friday, February 10, 2023, the Bobigny Assize Court ruled. The influencer will receive a heavy sentence . Explanations.

His son stabbed a man live

The name of Firmine Richard has been echoed a lot lately . The son of the actress who played in Les Profs 2 and in Eight women has big problems with the law.

This is Keneff Leauva. It all started when he joined the Bigolive platform . This is a place where users very often quarrel with each other in videoconferences .

The influencer started an altercation with a certain Madami Touré. Furious, the latter came to face Keneff Leauva by meeting him at his home , in the real world, that is to say in Pantin, on April 11th.

The two men fought on the spot. Firmine Richard's son then grabbed a knife and used it to land several stab wounds to his opponent. The whole scene was broadcast in real time on the Internet, by a young woman present that day. He comes home with his face covered in blood .

Firmine Richard has always defended her son

On April 13, 2023, Le Parisien explains that Keneff Leauva is indicted. He is also remanded in custody .

“Someone came to get me, I defended myself. Now he is in Avicenne, the Bobigny hospital, ”he explained to his mother and the audience.

On February 3, 2023, the son of Firmine Richard is finally tried before the Assize Court of Seine-Saint-Denis to answer for his actions. He is accused of murder but he will continue to deny any premeditation. The court therefore reclassified the murder case as a recidivism .

As a reminder, the son of Firmine Richard is already cited in another issue with the authorities . It was in 2017 when he confronted a user of the Periscope network. At the time, he was sentenced to two years in prison, including a one-year suspended sentence.

For having taken the life of this man, in the spring of 2021, the Advocate General asked for 25 years in prison against him . But he will finally be condemned to 19 years in prison with an obligation of care . It is still 6 years less than the sentence provided at the beginning.

The decision was probably mitigated by the assertion of the expert psychiatrist who estimated that the son of Firmine Richard, was “in a confusion between reality and the virtual world. Social networks have become a substitute universe to compensate for narcissistic shortcomings. .

Firmine Richard defends her son

His mother always supported him. According to her, the blood-stained knife that was used in the act dreadful lay on his bed . She grabs it and cleans it well.

“I put it in my garden. I couldn't see him anymore. I did not throw it away,” she told the presiding judge.

She had said about Illness Touré:

“Not for a moment did I think that gentleman was dead. I can tell you 25 times, if you want sir”

Master Szpiner tried to unsettle her by pointing out :

“You spot the tip of the knife in his jeans…”.

She picks it up very quickly in her speech.

' So tell me ? No need to have done Maths sup to know that Mamadi Touré was injured. It makes sense, my son told me he is in Avicenna”

Nevertheless, she continues to support her son .

“I know my son is maturing. I know he is not a killer,” she told the audience.

Moreover, a few weeks ago, Firmine Richard was on the Jordan de Luxe TV show .

“I have nothing to be ashamed of,” she says of the case her son is involved in.

She said with great confidence :

“My son is in prison and it is true that for me it is very hard to live. But I have to live, I have to survive just for him.'

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