Florence Foresti: the comedian makes unexpected confidences about his exes!

modified: 2022-10-01 02:32:07

Florence Foresti, the 48-year-old comedian reveals to us in a calm and unhurt tone her loves of the past.

  Florence Foresti

Very well known in the world of humor, Florence Foresti does not hide her previous love lives from us. Indeed, according to her story, she is not made for one man. Which implies, the reason for his breakups. Separations that were not easy to digest, but which ended up being healed over time.

Florence Foresti: A very different vision of ruptures

In his latest show titled Boys, boys, boys , Florence Foresti referred to her own love stories. For those who were able to attend this event, you have undoubtedly noticed that it was addressed particularly to the male sex. She claimed she still had love for her ex-boyfriends .

In life, you can only have two kinds of breakups according to Florence Foresti. One, in which the two people become enemies for life. And on the other, in the case of the comedian where the two people remain on good terms.

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This declaration, Florence Foresti made it before the formalization of his newfound love with someone in his humorous world. For the comedian of 48 years, it is unthinkable to erase from her life her ex-companions with whom she shared a beautiful part of her life .

It's true that breakups are not so easy to live with according to her, but she always ends up recovering from it. Time heals everything in most cases.

How does she see relationships after separation?

Separated more than once with the person she loves. Florence Foresti has admitted that her former lovers do not have to deserve that she hates them.

She clarified that they were all kind, caring, caring people, etc. And that the choice of rupture does not come from the fact that they have done harm or something like that.

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She then said to herself that her destiny might be for several men. Thanks to this other conception of rupture, Florence Foresti never sank into a deep chagrin of love even with its separations. She admitted that it's not that easy either. That after a while, the fact of being single weighs and you can get tired of it.

Florence Foresti said to herself that perhaps she was lucky to have found companions like her exes. She ended up also saying that one day, who knows, she will have to put herself in couple with an asshole who will break his life and his heart.

Florence Foresti weaves the perfect love

Currently in a relationship with 'humorist Alexandre Kominek, Florence Foresti seems to be off to a good start in her new relationship. They have been together for a few months now. And we see that they are happy.

Public release formalized in June, the couple is in perfect agreement. In fact, the creator of Orders , a first series which will be broadcast on Canal+, might have found this time the great love of his life.


In any case, her view of things regarding couple separation can make some changes on how to take breakups as a new beginning and not a failure as many of us think.

What can I say, we wish him a lot of happiness with his new companion, comedian Alexandre Kominek.

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