Florent Pagny cancer victim: Zazie gives news on his state of health!

modified: 2022-09-24 14:08:01

On Friday, September 23, Zazie gave news on the state of health of Florent Pagny. A rather reassuring news for his fans.

  Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny was diagnosed with lung cancer nine months ago. Since this announcement, its presence in the different shows was becoming rare. We haven't heard from him directly either. Fortunately, during an interview with Zazie with our colleagues from Parisien, she did not hesitate to say that Florent Pagny was getting better and better. Very good news for his fans and a great relief for himself !

Friends who care about Florent Pagny!

Touched by lung cancer, Florent Pagny left the stage and the spotlight to take care of him. the singer 60 years old hadn't been heard from for a few months. However, his friends did not hesitate to do it for him. Solidarity that touches! Patrick Bruel, Michel Drucker or even Kendji Girac declared that Florent Pagny was doing well. He recovers slowly.

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And again, the singer Zazie has just reassured us about the state of health of the grand jury in The Voice . Interviewed by Parisian , the singer-songwriter and French model points out that she regularly hears from her friend Florent Pagny. She confessed that she often has him on the phone and he is fine .

All of these good news brings relief public concern. Fans who hadn't heard from them for a few months were starting to get worried.

Lung cancer, already beaten?

According to many sources of information , in particular the magazine Closer, Florent Pagny would already be out of danger. The information even claims that he managed to fight his disease . Simultaneously, journalist Florian Anselme attracted attention that Florent Pagny is still awaiting the results of one last scan . Results of which we are sure of nothing.

It is only at receipt of these final exams that Florent Pagny could begin the last protocols of his chemotherapy . After that, we can confirm if he has indeed overcome his cancer.

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And for more precision on his remarks, the journalist recalled that the magazine Closer that we see on the screen is an issue of last week. Despite good news about Florent Pagny , we will therefore have to wait for this confirmation before really deciding. What to put the patience of his fans strained !

Florent Pagny: His fans are getting impatient!

Wishing only a good recovery to the old coach of The Voice , his fans and friends still hope to find him back in the spotlight . Indeed, we are waiting for his shows as we have always known him. Despite the long wait, fans hope that he still looks good. Things got better following its checks , as he confided in August, during a live phone call on the show Original Sound Track .

As for his friends, they continue to send him positive vibes . And those who receive news about his condition health , share them with viewers. Florent Pagny is a legend of French music and every good news about him brings joy to his fans. Even if for the moment, news is rare, We cross fingers and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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