Florent Pagny: 'He slept in his car' Kad Merad evokes the dark period of the singer

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This January 1, TF1 will broadcast the documentary “Florent Pagny – A free man”. The film traces the most difficult moments of the singer.

  Florent Pagny:"il dormait dans sa bagnole" Kad Merad évoque la période sombre du chanteur

This January 1, 2023 at 1:40 p.m., TF1 will broadcast an unpublished document on Florent Pagny , entitled: “Florent Pagny, a free man”. This brings together the testimonies of his family and his closest friends. He traces the singer's worst torments , through his cancer and this time when he was reduced to sleeping in his car . A film full of emotions directed by Michel Jankielewicz, with whom he maintains 35 years of friendship . We tell you everything in this article.

Florent Pagny was preparing his funeral

Finally 2021, Florent Pagny contracted COVID-19 .

“The weeks pass and his bad cough persists”, reveals the documentary that his friend, Michel Jankielewicz, made.

The singer began to wonder about his condition . In addition, he had planned to perform a tour and wanted to heal quickly. He immediately makes an appointment with the radiologist to find the source of the problem.

On January 6, 2022, upon discovering the results of the analyses, he immediately calls his wife Azucena . The artist was panicked.

“There, he calls me, he was preparing his funeral,” she says.

To reassure him, that day, the latter said to him:

“Wait, stop, it can be anything, wait until you know a little more, do the studies you need, calm down”.

This is a blow for the family of Florent Pagny . But further diagnostics confirmed the singer's fears .

'And all of a sudden things get worse, it's not operable, it's a nasty tumor. We will have to attack a violent treatment, ”she continues.

Because of his condition, Florent Pagny was forced to cancel his concerts . By way of explanation, on January 26, 2022, the artist finally announced the bad news to his subscribers.

“He starts rehearsing his speech (…), making a 5-minute video. It gives details, almost the name of the laboratories. I told him, 'It's not okay! You sum it up. The children told him, 'No Dad, an Instagram message is no more than a minute and a half,' his wife recalls.

Florent Pagny: 'I couldn't imagine that I was loved so much'

For Patrick Bruel, learning about the illness of his great friend, was an 'explosion' . He was very worried.

“He reassured me by telling me that it was taken in time and that he was going to fight to come back better,” he confides.

The former coach of The Voice, regained some optimism . After all, he was able to count on the support of his fans.

'What struck me was that he said to me, 'I couldn't imagine that I was loved so much. That was quite overwhelming, ”adds Patrick Bruel.

Since the discovery of his cancer, the interpreter of 'My freedom to think' often gives news to his community . Fortunately, the latter are encouraging and increasingly reassuring, as in May and August.

At the end of October, during Taratata's live, Florent Pagny had even said in videoconference that he would return to the stage in 2023. The sequence had shown that the artist had taken up colors .

At the end of the documentary dedicated to him, Florent Pagny was more than thrilled and open to a second edition . He himself proposed “to do another one in 30 years”. The artist has truly regained all hope for the future.

“He practically slept in his car”

Today, Florent Pagny is one of the most admired artists in France . But this has not always been the case. Kad Merad, his longtime friend, still remembers him, at 'the time when he was planted by everyone'. The singer had just separated from Vanessa Paradis and fire by its producer.

Julia Vignali's companion, had met Florent Pagny in the 1990s .

“He was practically sleeping in his car,” he recalls.

Kad Merad says:

'I was a small presenter on Ouï FM and he, everyone was making fun of him, because it didn't work anymore. »

The latter asserts that their 'love at first sight (friendly)' took place at that time.

The situation of the father looked a lot like an end of life as an artist . As Kad Merad said:

“It could have ended like that for him…”.

But Florent Pagny persevered, until he waited for his current notoriety.

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