Florent Pagny: his faithful friend Patrick Bruel evokes with emotion the day he learned of his cancer

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In the documentary on Florent Pagny, Patrick Bruel testified and returned to the moment when he learned of his cancer.

  Florent Pagny: his faithful friend Patrick Bruel evokes with emotion the day he learned of his cancer

Sunday January 1, 2023, the TF1 channel will broadcast a documentary on Florent Pagny . In this program, his friend Patrick Bruel testified and spoke about the difficult test crossed by the singer . The also reacted to cancer announcement by Florent Pagny, an announcement that upset him as relayed on Friday December 23, 2022 our colleagues from Gala.

Florent Pagny, sick

The beginning of the year 2022 started with terrible news . If Florent Pagny had to leave to meet its public as part of his tour celebrating his 60th birthday, the coach of “The Voice” had to slow down his plans after learning that he was suffering from lung cancer .

“I have to make a somewhat special announcement, I will not be able to finish my 60th anniversary tour. I have just been diagnosed with a lung tumor, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor that cannot be operated on, ”he confessed.

Several fans gave him their support . Personalities he is close to such as Carla Bruni, Vianney, Pascal Obispo, Nikos Aliagas or Anggun also comforted him. And Kendji Girac more recently.

Florent Pagny discovered his illness after contracting COVID-19. A persistent cough encouraged him to have an x-ray . The result shocked him. However, in the face of what happened, his family was there for him.

Patrick Bruel, impacted by the news

hormis are public, relatives of the artist were very impacted by the news . And this is the case of Patrick Bruel who had a very bad experience of the announcement of the cancer of the one who was already planning his funeral according to his wife .

Through an extract viewed by our colleagues from Gala Friday , on December 23, 2022, the interpreter of “Place des grands hommes” returned to this difficult moment.

“It was an explosion. It was 40 years of my life that I took myself in the face, like that. Moreover, he was able to reassure his friend despite his illness: 'it had been taken in time, that he was going to do what was necessary, to fight to come back better', 'he confessed.

Fortunately, Florent Pagny is now well . In August 2022, Patrick Bruel was able to talk about the singer on RTL and give news of his state of health. According to him,

“The latest news, I think it is much better. I think things are taking their course but rather in a good way, we are all very happy; You know Florent and I have a friendship that has lasted for a very, very long time. »

Florent Pagny, back soon

Florent Pagny is back. Thursday, December 15, 2022 , he delighted his fans by announcing a big news . The singer has indeed communicated on his official Facebook account the dates of his 2023 tour.

Among the 12 'first names', he will be at the Arènes de Bayonne on July 21, 2023, at the Nîmes Festival on June 30, 2022, or at the Nancy Open Air Festival on July 8, 2022, 'and others to come...'

The news obviously delighted fans of Florent Pagny.

' Great news. can't wait to see you again Florent. I hope he will go to Lyon!!! Take care of yourself. “, “Great, Florent. You have wonderful courage. May this tour bring you nothing but happiness… We love you infinitely. », « Great, too happy for you dear Florent. Take it easy though,” the comments read.

The singer, cured of his cancer?

On the announcement of his cancer, Florent Pagny s'est mis en mode guerrier . He followed chemotherapy sessions and displayed his shaved head during the concert in support of Ukraine broadcast by France 2 and France Inter.

According to the latest news, the cancer of Florent Pagny decreased in size . But is he cured? It is unknown at this stage whether the singer is cured or not. The press release announcing his concert dates for 2023 gives no indication of his health and the effectiveness of his treatment after 11 months of convalescence.

In any case, the fans are delighted with his big comeback!

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