Florent Pagny: His Inca son is the spitting image of his dad

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Florent Pagny: his Inca son looks like him like two drops of water and his appearance is causing a lot of ink to flow on social networks

  Florent Pagny: His Inca son is the spitting image of his dad

Yet , Florent's son Pagny, looks more and more like his famous father . Opinions differ and some Internet users find that the 26-year-old son has the same smile as his father . Inca has proven in photos that he is the spitting image of his father.

The singer has a son who looks exactly like him

Florent Pagny and his wife Azucena had two children. Indeed, they had the sweet Aël, 23 years old. And a few years before, they gave birth to Inca, now 26 years old. On the one hand, Aël looks a lot like her pretty mom. On the other side, Inca is his father's physical twin.

Recently, the young son of Florent Pagny shared his escapade in the city of Futaleufù in Chile. On this occasion, Inca published a picture on Instagram. In this photo, the young man is at the edge of the lake and is recharging his batteries. Sun, cocktails and swimming: everything to please the son of Florent Pagny, as evidenced by his big smile.

Indeed, this photo will have been enough for Internet users to note the striking resemblance between the two men.

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Thus, subscribers rushed into the comments. Then they all agreed: Inca has his dad's dazzling smile . These are messages that could give balm to the heart of the French singer if he passed by. ' A pretty smile that reminds us of Florent '; 'Ohhhhh how you look like your daddy.' Enjoy life with that great smile'; 'The joie de vivre and the beautiful smile of his daddy'; 'Another handsome kid.' The same smile as his daddy”; 'How that smile reminds me of someone.' '.

Florent Pagny carried by the love of his children during his illness

As soon as the French singer learned that he was suffering from cancer, he wanted to share it with his community. Fortunately, his children being young adults managed to guide him in the choices. Indeed, Florent Pagny was ready to reveal everything on social networks. However, thanks to his children , he restricted himself, saying only the essentials.

So, with the guidance of his loving children, he avoided disclosing too many details about his illness. And, while he was willing to give out information such as lab names, his children dissuaded him by recalling social media 'codes.' 'No dad, an Instagram post is no more than a minute,' they insisted.

Today, Florent Pagny is on the mend and it fits like a charm. Recently, he even appeared alongside the famous Kendji Girac. Despite everything, Florent Pagny underwent treatments with serious consequences, to the point that his physical appearance was affected. But this is not an important thing for the French singer. The main thing is that he was carried by the love of his family, his fans and, above all, that of his two darling children.

The least we can say is that Florent Pagny seems to be on the mend. We can expect him to come back strong. What more ? Improving health, fans and the love of two wonderful children!

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