Florent Pagny: his mother absent from the documentary, his producer reveals the reasons

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On January 1 at 1:40 p.m., the TF1 channel will broadcast the documentary on singer Florent Pagny.

  Florent Pagny: his mother absent from the documentary, his producer reveals the reasons

After a very difficult year, singer Florent Pagny seems to be starting the year well with a documentary about him. In addition, his fans were able to have many good news this winter. Because, after finishing his chemo treatment, the singer was able to rest in Patagonia , where he lives with his wife. Indeed, while he had to start treatment shortly after learning of the presence of his cancer, he was able to finish his treatment at the same time as the summer. Since then, he has started to redo projects . Like the documentary that TF1 was able to do on him. But, if his mother were to participate, she will not be able to do so in the end. We'll explaine everything here.

Many projects for Florent Pagny

The year 2022 for the singer Florent Pagny will not have seemed the most productive in his career. Indeed, this year, the singer still finished the season he had started in The Voice. He was even able to take his protege to the final and win the show, Nour. But after that, he had to announce that he would probably no longer participate in the show . The priority of the singer indeed remained to fight his cancer and once that was done to “ remplumer ” as he said.

But obviously, the latter has taken enough rest and decides to return to the front of the stage. It starts on January 1 when the TF1 channel broadcasts the documentary on singer Florent Pagny, a free man. Thus, in this documentary we find many relatives of the singer. Like his distinguished friends, Pascal Bishop , Patrick Bruel , and even Kad Merad . But, it would remain very incomplete without his family, like his wife or even his mother.

The presence of the singer's wife...

Thus, the TF1 channel described this documentary In the form of a small exclusive message ”. But at the very end of the report, the latter will grant a video message for his fans. Thus, the entire career of Florent Pagny will be traced. Let it be since its beginnings, the crossing of the desert after its rupture with Vanessa Paradis. And above all the rebirth of his career thanks to the meeting with his current wife and the help of Jean-Jacques Goldman .

Thus, the director Michel Jankielewicz testified to his desire to see Florent Pagny's wife participate in the documentary. “ It was obvious that she (his wife, editor's note) would speak in the doc. I went to film it in their house in Montfort-l'Amaury. Florent, tired at that time, passed a head. This interesting, intelligent and reassuring woman tells how Florent told her of his illness ”. The other woman in his life had to be there too, his mother.

… but the absence of his mother

But, for the mother of Florent Pagny, although she was to be presented in the documentary, this will not remain possible. The director made a point of explaining that “ I was supposed to talk to her mom too, but she broke her pelvis and I didn't want her to look diminished in the picture. ”. And adds “ Florent, even exhausted, between two chemo sessions, was able to drive eleven hours to go see her at that time… ”. A very strong love therefore between the singer and his mother.

But even if Florent Pagny's mother will not be available for this documentary , he still has other good news for his fans. It seems that the TF1 channel was able to offer him to become the mystery coach in the show The Voice. In addition to that, he announced to his fans that he was going to make his big comeback in the Nîmes festival. . Good news that made his fans very happy.

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