Florent Pagny is finally cured of cancer? This unpublished information on his state of health in TPMP!

modified: 2022-09-19 22:06:02

Is Florent Pagny cured of cancer? Pretty convincing statements from Florian Anselme gave viewers hope!

  Florent Pagny

In January 2022, we were all shocked by the sad news that the artist announced on his Instagram account. However, revelations from one of Cyril Hanouna's columnists may have changed the situation! A possible recovery? We will know right away!

Florent Pagny: His devastating announcement on social networks!

Florent Pagny is one of France's most followed and loved singers. Since the beginning of his career, the artist has always brought joy and happiness to viewers.

However, in January 2022, he announcement terrible news on social media! The artist shared that he was diagnostic of an inoperable cancer! Precisely a tumor in the lung. Devastating news that shocked his fans.

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This appalling news from Florent Pagny forced her to stop her various activities! Indeed, surgeons cannot resort to an operation! the singer should follow chemotherapy and X-ray radiography sessions for 6 months.

In in publication , he also mentioned his regrets and wanted to let his fans know that the most important thing above all is his health! And in the sequel, the artist followed his treatments and continued with good news on the web!

The revelations that Florian Anselme made about the artist!

Like every Saturday on the C8 antenna, the TPMP show reappears! And on September 17, Matthieu Delormeau, one of Cyril Hanouna's columnists, spoke about the state of health of Florent Pagny!

The commentator thus evoked the magazine Closer and its last edition titled 'He beat his cancer!' '. However, one of the show's debaters and also a journalist for the magazine made a revelation on the health of the singer.

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The so-called columnist is none other than Florian Anselme. The latter explained that the information was revealed last week. the journalist supported his say because apparently, Florent Pagny was waiting for the results of a scanner, during the publication of Closer!

In addition, the balance sheets are quite reassuring because the singer has already completed his chemotherapy sessions. And according to him, these were effective !

Florent Pagny: Florian Anselme has confided in the singer's recovery!

Florian Anselme of course pressed on the so-called recovery by Florent Pagny! He said he has followed the course of his illness from the start.

The journalist mentioned that he knows a medical specialist who can treat this type of cancer. He explained that the only way to overcome this type of tumor is to first reduce its size and then operate on it!

The columnist also admitted that currently, he does not know if Florent Pagny has been scheduled for surgery! But everything the debater can say is that to heal totally, the singer has to follow the procedure he mentioned before!