Florent Pagny: 'It was he who reached out to me' Anggun talks about his friendship with the singer

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On February 2, 2023, the singer Anggun confided in her friendship with Florent Pagny. Discover his secrets in this article.

  Florent Pagny: 'C'est lui qui m'a tendu la main" Anggun évoque son amitié avec le chanteur

Thursday, February 2, 2023, Anggun gave an interview to Melty . With great emotion, the singer spoke at length about her friendship with Florent Pagny, one of the first people to reach out to him when he arrives in France .

Florent Pagny: his meeting with Anggun

A meeting that changed his life… During 1995, Anggun made his debut on the international scene. Very far from Indonesia, his native country, the singer was able to count on the support of Florent Pagny , who recently fought against cancer . On Thursday February 2, 2023, in an interview with melty, she remembers:

“He was the one who reached out to me. Before he became a coach of The Voice, he was already a mentor without knowing it. He was the one who started me, who introduced me to his team at the time, which had become mine, and I watched him work. »

She then went on to say:

“I watched him do concerts, do interviews, I watched how he was with his fans. I learned a lot from him. »

Yeah the two friends were inseparable , today, they see less and less. As Florent Pagny's friend said during her interview:

“Afterwards, he left for Patagonia, because his wife Azucena was very pregnant. We haven't seen each other at all. We saw each other just like that, when he came to France to promote his albums. »

Anggun: Florent Pagny, someone dear to him

What is certain is that despite the distance between them today, Florent Pagny and Anggun have fond memories of the beginning of their friendship . It is not the singer who will say the opposite, she who declared to Melty:

“He is someone who is very dear to my heart”

Sunday April 10, 2022, at the microphone of RFM, Anggun – who posed with Jean-Luc Reichmann – had already confided:

'He was the one who started my career in the mid-90s when he introduced me to his team and in particular Erik Benzi. Since that date, we must have seen each other only three times, but I consider him my mentor in this profession. A few weeks ago when I had the text of Our parallel lives in my hands, I said to myself: 'I can't sing this alone. It has to be done as a duo. I immediately thought of Florent to interpret it. »

That's not all ! On Saturday September 19, 2015, on the set of 50′ Inside, the young woman returned to her meeting with Florent Pagny . With amusement, she remembered:

“Florent is a special story. It's a pretty funny story because it's my ex-neighbor's uncle who knows an electrician who had helped out Florent Pagny one day, and Florent gave him his card. He introduced him to me and at that time, he introduced me to his producer who later became mine”

Anggun pays tribute to his friend

As a reminder, in January 2022, Florent Pagny announced that he had cancer . If his fans were touched by this announcement, his friends were not left out, especially Anggun. This last, longtime friend of the singer wanted to pay tribute to him , as any other has done.

The forties is very grateful to the artist Who helped her move forward in his career. This Thursday, November 3, 2022, she had a little thought for the one she considers her “mentor” .

The photos she shared come from the filming of the clip for her single 'Our lives in parallel', released in 2015. Ael's dad had agreed to do a duet with her and thus gave him a little boost in his career. The two celebrities already seemed very accomplices at the time and appear very close in the photos .

'It was in Cuba for the filming of my single Our lives in parallel in duet with my mentor, the one whom the whole of France loves and admires Florent Pagny', wrote Anggun in the caption of the publication.

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No doubt that this little attention touched the heart by Florent Pagny.

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