Florent Pagny: the rare secrets about his romantic relationship with Vanessa Paradis

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This first January, a report on Florent Pagny was able to be broadcast, the opportunity to learn more about him.

  Florent Pagny: the rare secrets about his romantic relationship with Vanessa Paradis

This Sunday, January 1, the TF1 chain with diffuser r a documentary on the life of Florent Pagny. This documentary was a real hit in terms of audience . It must be said that this format or many relatives of the artist testify and tell anecdotes about his life. A way to trace his entire story through the eyes of his loved ones. And in the documentary, the subject of his significant relationship with Vanessa Paradis could be addressed . We'll explaine everything here.

A complex year

This year for Florent Pagny did not seem the easiest. It must be said that at the beginning of the year, the latter learned that he had cancer. The tumor he had on the lung was also inoperable . So quickly, he had to start his chemotherapy treatment. And pretty soon, he started getting good results.

But, because of illness, Florent Pagny still had to cancel his 60th birthday tour, and even say goodbye to his red armchair in The Voice . It must be said that this ordeal of illness will have seemed as painful as it was long and tiring. But now his treatment has ended and the singer seems to be fine . So, whether it remains a tribute to him or to his 60-year career, TF1 has prepared a documentary. The latter takes the name of Florent Pagny, a free man.

Florent Pagny, a free man

So faced with this very eventful year, TF1 decided to produce this documentary on Florent Pagny, a free man. The latter was able to be broadcast from January 1 and garnered very good audiences with 4.02 million viewers. They were therefore able to discover the life of Florent Pagny as they had never seen him before. This documentary retraces every great moment, such as his separation from Vanessa Paradis . Or even the crossing of the desert that followed. And the help of Jean-Jacques Goldman to revive his career.

In this documentary, they were also able to see the wedding of Florent Pagny with his wife which took place in 2006. And with the latter, Florent Pagny was able to have two children, Inca and Aël. But, before even meeting the woman of his life and the mother of his children, Florent Pagny experienced another love. In effect, Vanessa Paradis has, too, had the heart of the artist .

mad love

It turns out that when Florent Pagny frequents Vanessa Paradis, the latter seems very young. She was only 16 when he was already 27. But obviously, age does not bother him, he remains madly in love with her. And if he seems to have a crush, the latter remains reciprocal . His friend Jean-Pierre Loustau testifies “ One morning, I go down, I arrive in his room and there, I hallucinate. I see Vanessa Paradis' face . I'm embarrassed, I'm petrified, I'm leaving. And so, what am I on my ass ”.

They are with me continue in disant that ' So he wakes up, he comes to drink a coffee and I say to him: ‘But Florent… Vanessa Paradis? ' (...) And in fact, he is crazy , they are crazy ”. And together they begin to reach the peak of their careers. Very quickly, they become the leading couple of the time.

But the separation between Florent Pagny and Vanessa Paradis seemed very difficult. His friend testifies “ I know when Vanessa fly away, it hurts her ”. A relative also adds “ Even if he is a strong person, a fighter, he is going through something terrible ”. Fortunately, his current wife, Azucena was able to mend the artist's bruised heart.

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