Florent Pagny: the singer has found his look, Kendji Girac reveals a snapshot

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The singer had a rather trying year in 2022. But recently, Florent Pagny seems to have regained his health.

  Florent Pagny: the singer has found his look, Kendji Girac reveals a snapshot

Almost 12 months ago, fans of the artist experienced a huge fright . Indeed, in a short video posted on Instagram, he announced that he was suffering from lung cancer. In the months that followed, Florent Pagny did everything possible to overcome the disease . Thus, the interpreter Know how to love underwent treatment with chemotherapy . But this protocol of care had heavy side effects. The singer then lost his hair and beard. During his last appearances in The Voice, the coach seemed very weak . But now, the star is preparing his return to the stage, after finding the form.

Florent Pagny will find his audience

After the announcement of his illness, the singer received a wave of support on the web . His fans have always responded present, whenever he gave news. And among the celebrities, his colleagues and friends have all had kind words for him . Thereby, Amelia Bent was the first to praise. ' It's the boss. Me, what upsets me about Florent Pagny is his naturalness, his frankness, his altruism (…) I had the chance to be seated next to him and today, I can say that it is a great man. »

Despite the trials, Florent Pagny never gave up . He followed his treatment, and assume his health problems with a lot of courage . “I can tell you that I am doing very well. So yes, I changed my look a bit, necessarily, because it's the treatment that wants that. But it's okay, I'll get used to it and it'll pass. »

Little by little, the artist gave reassuring news about his health . Recently, the singer Zazie has also revealed that Florent Pagny was going to sing with her this summer. » Every time I have him on the phone, we laugh. He's in Patagonia right now and he's doing really well. The treatment went well. (…) It's still a cancer, it's a dirty beast, but Florent has found his voice. He even has a few hairs growing back. » And in recent days, another star has decided to meet Florent Pagny .

Kendji Girac collaborates with the former coach

Two months ago, the young father revealed Still . This is a title, developed with the interpreter of My freedom to think. As well, Kendji Girac explained that he, too, had regular exchanges with Florent Pagny . « The last time he called me he was fine. He was happy, he was in Argentina. He is resting a bit, I think, he is taking care of himself. I'm waiting for him to come back so we can defend this title! »

  Florent Pagny and Kendji Girac
Florent Pagny and Kendji Girac – Instagram screenshot

And if this reassuring announcement was not enough, Kendji Girac took off for South America . The goal? Discover the landscapes of Patagonia, alongside Florent Pagny. He did not miss share this privileged moment with its subscribers , via an Instagram story. 'What a pleasure to join my Florent Pagny to discover this magnificent country. Thank you for these beautiful moments out of time. I have an immense chance, it is inexplicable. »

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