Florent Pagny: this thought of Nikos Aliagas intended for the singer in 'The Voice'

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Nikos Aliagas sends a loving message of support to Florent Pagny, revealing the singer's courageous fight against cancer.

  Florent Pagny

The world of music is in turmoil as Florent Pagny, the icon of French song, faces a severe ordeal . The singer recently revealed that he was battling cancer. This sparked a wave of emotion among his fans and peers. Among those who expressed their support and their love for Florent Pagny, there is Nikos Aliagas , the television host and close friend of the singer .

Florent Pagny, emblematic coach of ' The Voice '

Since the first season of The Voice » in 2012, Florent Pagny has always held the red coach chair . This year, he is conspicuous by his absence in the singing program broadcast on TF1 . His health prevents him from participating in the twelfth season of the program .

In June 2022, Florent Pagny revealed have overcome lung cancer . But six months later, the results of his analyzes were not encouraging. Disturbing and indeterminate stains have been detected, which forced him to follow new immunotherapy sessions .

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  Florent Pagny
Florent Pagny performs during the 35th Victoires de la Musique show at La Seine Musicale on February 14, 2020 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France – Photo credits: Getty Images

The singer declares despair in Seven to eight last March:

' It never ends, this story, there are always things that have to reappear... (…) It's boring, I can't lie, it's not the scenario we were hoping for '

Florent Pagny was present musically during the broadcast of the second part of the super cross battles on Saturday May 20. It was the last stage before the semi-finals. After the participation of Amel Bent and Bigflo and Oli the previous week, it was now the turn of Zazie and Vianney to compare their respective talents .

The presence of Mika, who was making a long-awaited return as a super coach, was a major asset for them .

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During one of the performances, Lummen Nae, talent of Vianney, decided to take up the challenge with the title ' Set Fire to the Rain ' by Adele . While Aurélien, Zazie's talent, chose ' Caruso ' by Florent Pagny to defend his place in the semi-finals.

Nikos Aliagas pays tribute to Florent Pagny

Aurélien's vocal performance was acclaimed by both the public and the jury . Also arousing the emotion of Nikos Aliagas. The latter wished to express words of friendship to the attention of Florent Pagny.

He assures :

'Two talents in the arena who competed against legends. Lummen Nae sang a difficult, powerful title by Adele and Aurélien interpreted the “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla, popularized in France by our friend Florent Pagny. We think of him. Congratulations to you '

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The choice of song undoubtedly favored Aurélien . He was crowned the winner of this super cross battle with 51.3% of the votes, in addition to Mika's 10%.

Florent Pagny will fight until the end

The year 2023 could mark a real renaissance for Florent Pagny. While 2022 had started with the announcement of his lung cancer , it ends with the good news of his remission . The singer is already embarking on new projects.

In March 2023, his autobiography entitled ' Florent by Pagny, before I forget ' will be published. However, as of January 1, viewers can find it on TF1 . The channel will broadcast ' A free man ', a documentary on the artist directed by Michel Jankielewicz. His friend for over 40 years.

Director Michel Jankielewicz confides in Gala en Kiosque last December:

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'He called me shortly after his diagnosis. Fifteen years ago, I went through a similar ordeal. He wanted to know how I had experienced it.'

He continues with:

'In my turn, I asked him 'Okay, what do we do now? He answered me: “I will fight and win the war”. »

  Florent Pagny
Florent Pagny participates in the 35th photocall 'Les Victoires De La Musique' at La Seine Musicale on February 14, 2020 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France - Photo credits: Getty Images

When will he resume his concerts?

According Michel Jankiewicz , he and the other friends of Florent Pagny immediately sought to impart strength to him . He affirms that it is in testimony of his confidence in the recovery of his friend that he wanted to finish his documentary. A documentary originally planned to follow the singer's 60th birthday tour. A tour that was unfortunately canceled due to cancer by Florent Pagny.

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Michel Jankielewicz assures that the relatives of the singer never doubted for a moment his combativeness :

' Florent is a scabby. It's a bit of MBappé of the song '

And he continues with:

'When he sets a goal, he doesn't let go. »

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