Florent Pagny: who is Azucena Caamaño, his wife who supported him during his cancer?

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In a relationship with Azucena Caamaño for 27 years, Florent Pagny always spins the perfect love with a woman. But who is she?

  Florent Pagny: who is Azucena Caamaño, his wife who supported him during his cancer?

It's been years since Florent Pagny is no longer a heart to take . Indeed, the famous singer is in a relationship with Azucena Caamaño, a woman who has cherished him for 27 years . If the lovebirds are very accomplices and inseparable today, it should also be known that their beginning was not rosy. During an interview granted to Nikos Aliagas in a last issue of Gala, the couple had revealed that they were not in love at first sight one for the other.

Who is Azucena Caamaño?

Née in 1967 in Argentine, Azucena Caamaño is a painter . However, before exercising this profession, the wife of Florent Pagny was also a model .

Now she produces her own brand of organic beauty products called Rosazucena. These organic beauty products are inspired by his Argentinian roots and are made from rosehip, a plant native to Patagonia.

'It was the discovery of the benefits of rosehip that naturally led us to create Rosazucena', she confessed in the columns of Gala.

Azucena Caamano is a passionate and hardworking woman . Moreover, she does not wish to be reduced to the status of 'wife of Florent Pagny', preferring to work and make a name for herself too .

Of course, in what she undertakes, the fifty-year-old enjoys the support of her husband . It is also reciprocal since Azucena is always present to support her man , from the start.

His meeting with Florent Pagny

The path of the song interpreter 'Knowing how to love' and Azucena Caamaño met in 1992 at a dinner party . Aged 25 at the time, the young woman immediately made the singer crack . Unfortunately, all did not go well. Florent Pagny's wife had thought of this one that he was a 'badger' .

'As soon as he spoke to me, I felt like he was attacking me,' Azucena said. One day, one of my friends said to me: 'Actually, he tries to flirt with you very awkwardly,' she confessed.

Florent Pagny had every reason to be unpleasant, it must be said. Indeed, at that time, his career had known a crossing in the desert . Not to mention that he had just separated from Vanessa Paradis.

Fortunately, his meeting with Azucena Caamaño lui with permission to go up the pente . She was able to stabilize him. She also gave him two beautiful children: a boy named Inca (born in 1996) and a girl named Aël (born in 1999 ).

Florent Pagny's crazy marriage proposal

After ten years together, the couple finally decides to get married in 2006 . Guest of “50 min Inside”, Saturday October 12, 2009, Florent Pagny returned to his marriage proposal. With smiles on his lips, he said:

“It happened in two stages: a first at the town hall, there were four of us, and then a princess party. I had released the song Where I'll Take You was for Valentine's Day, and everyone was asking me what I was going to get my wife for Valentine's Day. »

Facing Nikos Aliagas, he then continued:

'And I had a really good idea, I said, 'I'm going to marry her. That's how we got married. »

There is no need to say, Florent Pagny and his wife love each other very much , despite the years that have passed. The singer does not hesitate to mention it in his songs. He even dedicated an album to her, “Aging, with you” , published in 2013.

“Our destiny was made to meet and accompany each other to precisely come back from where I was, from the hole, and to surpass myself”, had confided the singer about him in 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Florent Pagny: suffering from cancer

They lived happily ever after, but the lovebirds have had their ups and downs in particular in their couple. Florent Pagny's cancer is part of that. On January 25, 2022, the singer announced the bad news to his community.

Given his state of health, the singer was forced to cancel his tour . On the other hand, he continued his role as coach in 'The Voice' and followed chemotherapy sessions in parallel .

A real fighter, Florent Pagny has however decided to take a break from his career after the end of “The Voice” . With her family, he rests in Patagonia . There is no doubt that faced with this situation, he is supported by his wife Azucena Caamaño as well as his children.

From time to time, he also gives news of him . And according to the latest news, the father of the family is doing well and is even planning to return very soon. His fans are waiting for him with great impatience !

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