Florent Pagny with cancer: he is the hero of a documentary on horse training in Argentina

modified: 2022-10-02 14:16:01

In Argentina, Florent Pagny was asked for a documentary. Find out the details in this article!

  Florent Pagny

Even in exile, it seems that Florent Pagny does not always go unnoticed . As reminder , it has been a few months since this singer eclipsed from the projectors . He wants to find a little calm after all the misadventures of his life. At the same time, revitalize yourself with your family and loved ones in Argentine . His notoriety made a director passing through the region want to contact him for a new project . The details !

Florent Pagny appears in a documentary!

Indeed, the last time we heard of Florent Pagny was when he announced his trip . Where ? In Patagonia in the region from Argentina! According to him, he wanted to take advantage of the second chance that life gave him on a plateau silver.

If our memories are vivid, this artist almost passed recently ! Indeed, he was on the verge of breaking his pipe because of cancer. Fortunately, its a lucky star to ensure that his chemotherapy succeed. What made him survive this tragedy !

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Florent Pagny chose to take a break with his daily life. So he left the noisy city of Paris and its glory. Instead, he preferred tranquility and clean air of nature. This explains his current absence from the front of the stage! Besides that, his place in the red armchair of The Voice .

With his spouse Azucena and her two daughters, Florent Pagny walks while remaining surrounded. It should be noted that the Pampa resembles a reserve of wild stallions . By the way, we remember that this artist was recently seen in a documentary dedicated to horse training. Why ?

Jean-François Pignon came to visit this rock lion!

This person's name does it appeal to you? Yes or no ? We know it's not very easy! Only your first impression is the good one. In fact, it is the famous french director . We also learned that Florent Pagny had a titanic passion for beautiful mounts and their dressage.

That is why he decided to make a film about it . Since Florent Pagny's hacienda inspires this kind of equestrian center, he chose it for the decor.

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At the same time, which explains why Florent Pagny starred in this short film . In this TV movie, we tell a beautiful friendship between Jean-François Pignon and the singer. Like that friendly feeling , this production will focus more on horse training techniques.

Among other things, it will reveal two training methods very distinct coming from two different countries. That of Patagonia and that of the director! Eventually, both sides were able to each pull a lesson the other.

Florent Pagny appreciated this new experience in his life!

Indeed, the joint d'Azucena Caamano did not expect this new turnaround in his life. Nevertheless, he was also not against because it was good for him . By participating in 40 days, 4 criollos and silence, Florent Pagny was able to tame a new hobby . Apart from that, exercising a new job in the countryside. This is horse training!

Finally, the dad d’Ael et Inca ended up understanding the bad sides of traditional dressage. Florent Pagny agreed that Jean-François Pignon brought change to their country. He even confirmed it with many people.

For exemple, the mother of his daughters and the journalists from AFP during an interview! Looks like this singer is passionate about his new life. It could be that he no longer wants to come back to Paris after that ? To be continued !

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