Florie Galli (Large families) finally reveals news about her state of health!

modified: 2022-09-12 17:09:01

Florie Galli Large Families shares everything with its subscribers. Recently, the young woman spoke about her state of health.

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Florie Galli Large Families has been ill for some time now. To reassure her subscribers, the young woman did not hesitate to share these results of medical examinations. Apparently, everything does not seem to be getting better anytime soon!

Large Families: Florie Galli reveals her health problems!

All fans of Large Families surely know Florie Galli. Since participating in the show TF1 , the mother of five children has become very close to her subscribers. Moreover, the mother never hesitates to talk about her daily life with them.

This is how she revealed the problems health issues she has had to deal with lately. Apparently it is a breathing illness which turns out to be disturbing and forced him to go to the emergency room.

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Very active on Instagram, Florie Galli wanted to tell the symptoms of his illness to his subscribers since his appearance. According to the mother of Families Many, 'It all started at the beginning of August'.

As she explained, 'I got sick at the same time as the children.' Apparently, it was 'a nasopharyngitis type virus coupled with conjunctivitis'. Only over time, the infection continued to get worse .

Florie Gallie has pneumonia

Over time, Florie Galli Large Families was able to regain her health. However, she always remained cough . In addition to this, the young woman didn't pay much attention to it.

Which surely led her condition to worsen from what she explained. 'My ribs...my back ached horribly,' she said. Despite her pain, the mother of the family could not prevent oneself to go on vacation.

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Obviously, this could only worsen his already fragile state of health. Once back, Florie Galli Large Families was forced to seek treatment. As usual, the young woman spoke about the result of her diagnosis on Instagram.

What she is going to reveal is not good news at all. ' I have a pneumonia she would say. Fortunately for the young mother, this one was not as serious as the one she experienced before that.

Large Families: Florie Galli remains optimistic for her health!

Apparently, the health concerns are far from over for Florie Galli Large Families. Indeed, she still has exams left. medical to do. As she said 'You have to recheck the lungs'. which requires a chest scan in some months. With that, the mother of five was due to visit a pulmonologist at the end of September.

Always too positive , it is not these health problems that will prevent Florie Galli from smiling. Moreover, the young mother of Large Families can always count on her family, but also on her subscribers. As testifies the many messages of encouragement she received from her last. For her part, the mother family did not fail to thank them by saying 'THANK YOU for being there'.