Food bonus: how much will you receive in your bank account?

modified: 2023-01-20 22:06:02

Emmanuel Macron had promised the implementation of the premium food in 2020. But his arrival will finally take place in 2023.

  Food bonus: how much will you receive in your bank account?

For many months, the French face galloping inflation . And all sectors of our economy are paying the price. As a result, energy bills have gone up, and refueling is getting more and more expensive . However, food expenditure remains at the heart of household concerns. I have to say that food prices have increased by more than 12% in 2022. What seriously weigh on the shopping budget of the French. For support the purchasing power of the population , so the government has launched all kinds of aid since last summer. For the time being, no device has yet emerged to help families feed themselves. That said, the premium food should soon appear .

A first boost at the start of the 2022-2023 school year

To try to compensate price increase , the executive has already made a first gesture last September. Thereby, many households were able to receive 100 euros, with an increase of 50 euros per dependent child. But it was not about prime food. In fact, this sum corresponded to the exceptional bonus back to school .

The food bonus should arrive later this year. The goal? Helping households feed themselves . This is to avoid public health problems. Eating is one of our basic needs. Outside, with rising prices and stagnating wages, the French have a hard time making ends meet . The Minister Delegate, Olivia Gringoire, also indicated her cabinet was working on the establishment of an anti-inflation basket . An announcement confirmed by Bruno Le Maire The inflationary shock affects food products a lot. It's hard on families, it's hard on households. There are still a few months left. And during these few months, let's see if we can't have this basket. »

Food bonus: who can claim it?

For now, the details of this new aid have not yet been released by the government . But it should concern all those who receive the ASPA, the RSA, or the AHH. Particularly precarious scholarship students will also be able to benefit from this food bonus. Thus, it should target millions of beneficiaries .

The date on which this payment will take place remains a mystery. And the government also did not reveal its amount. However, the Premiere Minister, Elisabeth Borne , announced that the government would devote 60 million euros to this boost. “These 60 million euros that we will mobilize in 2023 to both support our major national players, so that they can buy more quality products, fresh products. »

The Minister of Agriculture also supported the introduction of the food bonus. “You have nearly 8 million of our fellow citizens who have difficulty having access to local productions. to quality productions, to our French productions in reality. And so we have to give them a helping hand to help them acquire that. »

Let's hope that this umpteenth measure can facilitate the daily life of the most modest. Indeed, for several weeks, France has been experiencing an incandescent social climate . In question ? A pension reform that greatly divides opinion.

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