Fort Boyard: André Bouchet alias Passe-Partout finally throws the truth about his salary!

modified: 2022-09-20 02:34:02

Fans of Fort Boyard surely know Passe-Partout. Recently, he revealed how much he touched with the show.

  Fort Boyard

Passe-Partout or keeper of the keys, André Bouchet is an emblematic character of Fort Boyard. Indeed, he has been present in the France 2 game show for more than 30 years now. During an interview, he confided in about his stamp by participating in the filming of the program.

Fort Boyard: Passe-Partout, an RATP agent!

Several viewers surely appreciate Fort Boyard on France 2. Since its creation, the famous adventure program has brought together several participants, most of whom are personalities very well known.

But no one has yet asked what about the program's employees. Of course, all filming requires a lot of personnel . Among them, there is André Bouchet, the fans know him mainly under the name of Master key .

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As Fort Boyard is not broadcast throughout the year, all the staff have other occupations elsewhere. Most of the latter are also engaged in other television programs or more traditional work.

In the case of André Bouchet, it is a RATP agent on line 1 of the Paris metro. A function to which the one who embodies Passe-Partout is very attached. As he claimed in 2008 'I care about this job, it's a security'.

How much does André Bouchet touch with the show?

Apparently, his role as Passe-Partout in Fort Boyard does not allow André Bouchet to earn a good living. Moreover, it is on this subject that he confided during an interview with the web-show Chez Jordan.

According to what he revealed during this interview, he is paid 300 euros about emission . By doing two weeks of filming per year, this allows him to have around 3000 euros per year.

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However, André Bouchet does not intend to stop there. Indeed, he also participates in foreign versions of Fort Boyard. A supplement that is not negligible since it allows him to round off his end of the month enormously.

For your information, it touches a salary of 2000 euros as an agent at the RATP. Obviously, his role in the adventure program of France 2 obliges him to make arrangements with the latter.

Fort Boyard: How is André Bouchet doing with his two jobs?

Thus, André Bouchet must find a way to reconcile his two jobs. Apparently, it is Adventure Line Productions and the RATP who manage to make this possible.

According to what the interpreter of Passe-Partout in Fort Boyard has confirmed, these last two are rather understanding . But, he still has to make a small sacrifice. Particularly on the holidays that he should take.

According to what André Bouchet confided, his holidays are not paid when he goes on filming in Fort Boyard. Indeed, he has no privileges when he leaves his job in the RATP.

However, we can surely say that his participation in the adventure program of France 2 is to him profitable . Especially since he is one of the emblematic figures of the game. Anyway, viewers always appreciate finding him on the screens.