France has an incredible talent: after the victory, what became of the winners of the show?

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During the final of 'France has an incredible talent', Karine Le Marchand returned to the course of the former champions.

  France has an incredible talent: after the victory, what became of the winners of the show?

This Tuesday, December 20, the set of 'France has an incredible talent' hosted the grand finalists of the 17th season . Thanks to Rayanne's unequaled performance for the piano, this one takes the victory and the 100,000 euros at stake . While its success is yet to be seen, the program returned to the show's former champions . Singers, actors, dancers and musicians,… Here is what the former winners of the show have become.

“France has incredible talent”: Jean-Baptiste Guégan, grand champion of season 13

The interpreter of Johnny Hallyday amazed the audience with his powerful . The 39-year-old entered the contest in 2018, a year after the death of the rocker .

After participating in the show, Jean-Baptiste Guégan pursues a brilliant career in singing . He has just launched a new album which he entitled “All tears dry up one day”.

He has even collaborated with the official lyricist of Johnny Hallyday , Michel Mallory to make his titles. The artist has many plans for 2023, including a tour.

Marina Kaye et son immense talent

Marina Kaye won season 6 of 'France has an incredible talent', at only 13 years old. She starred in a musical directed by Pascal Obispo, in which she sings in duet with Soprano .

The young Marseillaise has a natural talent for singing. But in addition to her hard work, at 17, she already gets a platinum disc .

She released her album titled Twisted in 2020. Then in early 2022, Marina Kaye devoted herself to the recording of 'Pas toi' , on his Goldman Legacy album. In 2023, she plans to tour with famous names in music (Céphae, Chôur Gospel de Paris, Michel Jones, etc.).

The Lefèvre family: the XXL family of “France has incredible talent”

The Lefèvre family stood out in “France has an incredible talent”. Parents and children Lefevre showed exemplary teamwork which earned them the victory of the 15th edition in 2020.

At each stage, this XXL family, knew how to touch the jury thanks to the interpretation in chorus of several songs. A year after their time in the program, the Lefèvre family keep making a splash . Its members sign with Universal Music and release the disc entitled Ad Vitam including must-have titles like Ave Maria and Silent Night .

In between times, the parents pursue their career as singing teachers and events, while their children (Blanche, Clément, Colombe, Emmanuel, Gaël and Raphaël) study. They follow performances and concerts. They even published a book in November 2021 entitled 'In the choir of the Lefèvre family', published by Plon.

Spider Salah: an exceptional dancer

Spider Salah is a character that I published him from M6 will never forget . This one won the first season of France has an incredible talent, thanks to its original choreographies.

Currently, this has about 200,000 followers on Instagram . Salah Benlemqawanssa continues his rise as a professional dancer. He started giving dance lessons and continues to amaze the public with its troupe of dancers .

Laura Laune and her dark humor

Laura mood is one of the most talented artists in 'France has an incredible talent' . She is a singer, actress and comedian all at the same time. But the young Belgian has a rare passion for dark humor.

This little spark allowed him to win the 12th season of the program televised in 2017. Barely out of the show, Laura Laune participates in her first show, The Devil is a nice girl. She also signs her first album 'The best of me'.

This year 2022, the 36-year-old artist launched a second show, Glory Hallelujah. She will therefore be on tour all year 2023 , until April 2024 to perform in Brussels.

Junior: the passionate hip-hop dancer

Junior is the hip-hop dancer who won the second season of 'France has an incredible talent' . Since his participation in the show, the latter has been in great demand. He participated in many shows and joined Flying Steps in 2013.

The travels a lot to realize his dreams . Nicknamed B-Boy, Junior introduces handstand internationally, in more than 70 different countries.

Bagad Melinerion: the unforgettable group of musicians from “France has an incredible talent”

Bagad Melinerion no longer shows up . Much admired in Brittany, the group won the 9th season of “France has an incredible talent”.

After their participation on M6, the troupe of musicians is known around the world . They represent the Breton orchestra at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal.

Echos-Liés and its troupe of dancers

Echos-Liés is a troupe of talented dancers who debuted in 1998 . Thanks to its humorous breakdance, its members won the 4th season of “France has an incredible talent”.

At each performance, its members capsize the hearts of viewers , thanks to their frenzied dance steps. This is particularly the case in 2020, when they launch the show Échos-Liés: Unclassified 2.0 . Currently, Anti, Idriss, Loco, Mutant and Ortega are going back and forth between Paris and Los Angeles and have not finished showing the extent of their talents.

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