France has an incredible talent: these acrobats who came close to an accident during the final

modified: 2022-12-24 00:36:14

During the final of France has an incredible talent, a duo of acrobats failed to make a hell of a fall.

  France has an incredible talent: these acrobats who came close to an accident during the final

France has incredible talent remains a program that has been broadcast on M6 for more than 16 years. The latter therefore allows people who wish to come and exhibit their incredible talent in order to win a nice check for 100,000 euros. . And this year again, there was no shortage of talent. Which gave way to a colorful and talented final. But, during the latter, a duo of acrobats had a fall that could have been much more serious . We'll explaine everything here.

France has incredible talent, a great show

Every year since 2006 , France has incredible talent dazzles viewers. Indeed, there are often a lot of laughs in the first episodes of the season. Although there is a casting before you can participate in the show, from time to time, they leave a few little nuggets . which often give rise to crazy talents , or even pretty weird people . What therefore always keep the public attentive to what could happen.

But, if we find a lot of quite funny acts, there are also many real talents who come to participate in La France a unincredible talent. Whether in singing, dancing, acrobatics, gymnastics, etc. . In any case, the more the episodes pass, the more the level increases. And each episode feels more and more like a professional-grade show. But, for this final of France has an incredible talent, an incident unfortunately occurred .

The last minute accident

During this season of France has an incredible talent, we could therefore discover many talented people, or groups. Among these groups with certain talent, there were the Ramadhani Brothers . The latter given in acrobatics and their perfect alchemy is felt very quickly. Indeed, for this kind of acrobatic duo, there is generally either a carrier and a flyer, or two people of the same size. The example also with the sister duo named Gemini . These two twins remain identical in every way and make their numbers impressive.

But, for the brother pair, things ended up getting more complex. Indeed, it remains this Tuesday that during their number, the carrier lost his balance just after knocking his brother off his head . Fortunately, he was able to catch up quickly. Alas, this end issue on this error . Although the two brothers seemed disappointed to have fallen at the last second of the number, for the public as well as the juries, it was more worrying .

Indeed, this pair seemed very appreciated in France has an incredible talent. It must be said that the two brothers came straight from Tanzania to show the whole of France their talent. . And since the start of the season, they seem to have kept a place in the minds of each of the juries. While the latter were doing an exercise that requires a lot of training, at the very end, the fall .

The frustration of the brothers

Because, it does not remain during, or at the beginning of the number that the two brothers presented for the final of France has an incredible talent that the problem arose. Indeed, at the end of the number, while one was a carrier, he had on his head that of his brother in balance. In addition to this, the wearer climbed the steps of a staircase, upside down !

Unfortunately, when he climbed the last step, he is seen knocking his brother off his head. And there, the tragedy. Putting it down, the latter lost his balance, causing her to fall off the edge of the small stage. Fortunately, he was able to catch up and count on the help of his brother .

So inevitably, after this mistake, the disappointment could only be read on the faces of the two brothers. But, the jury still welcomed the choice of this duo. Éric Antoine appreciated the “ huge risk taking ”. He also adds “ The last step is missing but that does not detract from your talent , the danger of the number, the technicality ”. For Hélène Ségara, the same goes “ we don't care about the vagaries of live ”. Even Sugar Sammy said ' This is what we expect in the final, artists who surpass themselves ”. So, despite the mistake, the duo can be proud of themselves and what they managed to accomplish.

Source : West France