François Alu: 'I was destroying myself' the heavy confidences of the dancer

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On January 29, 2023, François Alu was in 'A Sunday in the countryside'. He returned to his “elk of bulimia”.

  François Alu: 'J'étais en train de me détruire » les lourdes confidences du danseur

Francois Alu appeared alongside Chimène Badi and Michel Boujenah in the program 'A Sunday in the countryside' on January 29, 2023. The three guests of Frédéric Lopez lent themselves to confidences , in particular François Alu who returned to the illness he suffered . Discover his confidences.

François Alu: his tensions with Chris Marques

François Alu discovered a haven of peace in 'Dimanche à la campagne' with his weekend partners, Chimène Badi and Michel Boujenah. Far more benevolent comrades than Chris Marques, with whom the relationship would be icy behind the scenes of “Dancing with the stars” .

François Alu and Chris Marques work side by side as members of the “Dancing with the Stars” jury. But it would seem that the acolytes don't get along so well . Indeed, on the set of the flagship program of TF1, the tensions are palpable. On Friday, September 30, 2022, moreover, they haven't stopped bickering .

'François, he's nice Chris, isn't he? Asked Camille Combal to the one who would be in a relationship with Denitsa Ikonomova.

A question that he answered with:

'Yes it's fine but we fought a little today, we settled our accounts during the pub'

This shows that their relationship is not looking good . Fans of the show 'Dancing with the Stars' then noticed that there was tension between the two men .

'Ptdrrrr Chris and François they never agree, it's absurd', could we read on social networks.

François Alu, victim of Bulimia

With this tension, the future of François Alu as a juror of the TF1 competition would prove to be very vague. Asked about the subject, the principal concerned confessed:

'I don't know yet if there will be a new season. All I can tell you is that I'm on good terms with the production. I already have a lot of projects going on so let's wait and see if the show will come back first. If so, we will discuss it when the time comes. »

Anyway, with or without DALS, the year 2023 will be the busiest for François Alu, this former bulimic . Indeed, as a reminder, he suffered from his size, a little too imposing for his environment. Forced to lose weight, the resident of the Paris Opera had big complexes and had to deal with 'bulimic urges' .

“There are times when I will throw myself on the food. I think back to a time that was a bit darker, where I watched movies and had my bag of candy, my pizza, my cakes and my soda. I was just destroying myself,” he said.

Chimène Badi and her eating disorders

In addition to François Alu, Chimène Badi, who was present on the set that day also claimed that she suffered from bulimia .

The story of Chimène Badi begins when she participates in the program 'Popstars' in 2002. The singer was not selected to form the group Whatfor, but producer Valéry Zeitoun, then a member of the jury, spotted her and make him record a demo . Chimène Badi flies to Quebec and records her first song, 'Entre nous'. These albums are successes, but behind the scenes it's a different story .

'I live it like a robot,' she recalls.

The incessant criticism of his physique and his weight, especially in the celebrity press, do not help .

'At 20, it's very very hard, how do you cope with all that? »

She then becomes bulimic because “there is a lack” .

'We calm down by filling the void, it's pain in its purest form because at the time, it soothes, but behind it we are so disappointed in ourselves, to hurt ourselves,' he said. she testified.

It's an 'unpleasant' encounter in the profession that 'will screw her up' to the point that she feels “like a puppet” which will make her react . Chimène Badi analyzes alongside François Alu, Michel Boujenah and Frédéric Lopez that “it is an immense evil for an immense good”. Today, Chimène Badi says she is 'freed from the gaze of others'. The singer assures him, 'With strength, the desire to get out of it and the right entourage, we can get there' .

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