Françoise Hardy at its worst: after “45 radiotherapies” the singer breaks the silence

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For many years now, Françoise Hardy has been fighting against illnesses, and recently, cancer seems to have weakened her.

  Françoise Hardy at worst: after “45 radiotherapies” the singer breaks the silence

For many years, Françoise Hardy has fought against the disease. If the first cancer she had, she was able to overcome it, since that has changed a lot. Now, Françoise Hardy has a new cancer, for a while now . But the latter seems to ruin her life as she declares. And although she can count on the help of her son, life seems difficult. But, after its classification in the “ 200 greatest singers of all time ” in Rolling Stone magazine, she was able to speak to RTL. We'll explaine everything here.

Françoise Hardy, one of the best singers

Each year, the famous Rolling Stone magazine offers a ranking of the best singers, the most beautiful voices, etc. And in the ' 200 greatest singers of all time “there is the name of Françoise Hardy. It is also found next to Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey or even Stevie Wonder. And yet, the mother of Thomas Dutronc remains the only French to appear in the ranking . Unlike Celine Dion who has no place.

And after this election, RTL decided to hear from the 78-year-old artist whose success has “ crossed the borders many times and whose name is very well known in the United States . Thus, the exchanges could be done by e-mail. But it still allowed Françoise Hardy to be able to answer the question of “ How are you ” in a very honest way.

His health

Thus, the question of how Françoise Hardy is doing and she remains quite complex. The singer has had many difficult times. She has battled cancer for many years now. . And each time, his condition worsens. She now even seems to support the cause of people wishing to end their life medically. . Something that she does not hide having already wished to do many times. So regarding his condition, he is not staying in his best shape.

Françoise Hardy states that “ Not good . The 45 radiotherapies that were sent to me from left to right from the bottom of the head and the ten others from top to bottom, destroyed what allows irrigation of the mouth, throat, nose, ears, eyes and scalp. I let you imagine the incurable problems it poses ”. It turns out that the singer has Hodgkin's disease. This results in cancer of the lymphatic system. But it didn't stop there, she also had a tumor in her pharynx . And the treatment she undergoes remains very heavy.

An abandoned career

But since Françoise Hardy suffers from her illness, she can't even swallow, so her career had to be left behind. She also admits in Le Parisien in April that “ When forty-five radiation therapy and immunotherapy may have cured you, but also permanently deprived of saliva and deafened in one ear , you can't sing anymore ”. And to RTL she declares “ the side effects of radiation therapy are appalling ”.

Of course, Françoise Hardy also has trouble living, and not just singing. She admits to RTL that “ You cannot eat normally, you cannot live normally. When I have very small saliva calls, there I regain hope. When it dries out even more, my morale is dropping. You can't be a singer and be in that state. It's impossible, it's not compatible ”. And since then, she has been fighting for euthanasia in France for those suffering from illness.

Source : Gala