Fuel aid: who is affected by this €100 aid in 2023?

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The new fuel aid will replace the fuel discount of 10 euro cents per litre. This will end on December 31.

  Fuel aid: who is affected by this €100 aid in 2023?

Early 2023, a new fuel aid will take the place the discount of 10 euro cents per litre. Previously 30 centimes, the latter will disappear completely at the end of the year .

More targeted aid

Discount at the pump 10 euro cents per liter will end on December 31, 2022 . However, the government intends continue its support policy of the poorest French people. That said, from the start of 2023, the latter will benefit from a new fuel aid worth 100 euros .

This is a more targeted aid, intended for 50% of poorest households . In other words, this new fuel aid will affect 10 million people . However, to claim this exceptional bonus, your reference tax income must be less than or equal to 14,000 euros .

To claim it in 2023, you just have to go to the tax site . It's as simple as that. It is on this site that you will fill out a form using your tax number, your license plate number. As well as' a certificate of honor . The latter affirms that you use your vehicle well to get to your place of work.

To collect this cheque, eligible persons will have to make a declaration on the platform from the French Ministry of the Economy. To do this, the French State will provide you with a dedicated space on January 16, 2023 .

Within eight days, the beneficiaries' bank account will be credited with the amount . It should be noted that this device will cost the French State around 1 billion euros.

Help for the poorest 50% of households

As you will have understood, this fuel aid concerns 50% of French households . These are the humblest among us. Those who need their vehicle to go to work. Which, as said above, represents 10 million people .

In the same way as the self-employed and civil servants, the owners of two wheels can also benefit . They are also part of the device, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

It should be noted that the payment of this indemnity is per person and not per household . That said, each member of a modest couple using their vehicle to get to their place of work will receive assistance. Which means that in 2023, a couple will be able to pocket 200 euros in fuel assistance .

The government has put income limits in place for determine the beneficiaries of this exceptional aid . To find out if you are eligible for this assistance, simply check these income limits:

  • Less than 1,314 euros net/month for a single person
  • Less than 3,285 euros net/month for a couple with one child
  • Less than 3,285 euros net/month for a single person with two children
  • Less than 3,941 euros net/month for a couple with two children
  • Less than 5,255 euros net/month for a couple with three children.

The amount of the new fuel aid

This new fuel aid is an amount of 100 euros for the year 2023 . It can amount to 200 euros for a working couple who owns two cars. For someone who travels 12,000 km per year (the average French person), this figure represents a gain of 10 euro cents .

To hope to pocket this new fuel aid, you must complete a form on the government tax website . You must therefore bring your tax number and your license plate number. As well as a sworn statement indicating that you kindly use a vehicle to go to work .

Then, the aid will be paid directly to your bank account, without any additional steps, and in one go.

To benefit from this fuel subsidy, conditions must be met . First condition: you have to work. That said, the unemployed and retirees will not be entitled to it, while the self-employed and civil servants will. Second condition: owning a motorized vehicle. At last, you must be part of the 50% most modest French people .

In other words, you must have a 2021 reference tax income below 14,700 euros over the year. This fuel aid will not be subject to motorization conditions . If you therefore meet the above criteria, you will be able to receive the aid in the same way as those with a thermal vehicle.

Fuel aid: the dates to remember

The government has planned to lower the fuel discount from 30 cents to 10 euro cents from November 16 to December 31, 2022. The giant Total has also proposed a discount of 20 cents and it also goes to 10 euro cents, according to the same schedule. These two aids will therefore end from January 1, 2023. This rebate involves several types of fuels :

  • Diesel peach
  • Non-road diesel (GNR)
  • Gasoline (SP95, SP98-E5, SP-95-E10)
  • Liquefied petroleum gas fuel (LPG-c)
  • Natural gas vehicle (NGV)
  • Superethanol (E85)
  • Diesel ethanol (ED95)

Here is Dates to remember regarding discounts:

  • From September 1 to November 15, 2022: Discount of 30 euro cents
  • From November 16, 2022 to December 31, 2022: Discount of 10 euro cents
  • As of December 31, 2022: the discount will end
  • From 1 January 2023: new fuel aid.

The current discount also finances people from neighboring countries

This time, this fuel aid is targeted. Gabriel Attal, Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, justified this choice on LCI .

According to him, this targeted aid is justified by the fact that the current discount finances also people from neighboring countries. The latter come to refuel in France at the expense of the French taxpayer and the people who need it and others who do not. And this, in a totally indiscriminate way. These people include Swiss motorists, among others.

You will have understood it... The purpose of this new fuel aid is to prevent foreign motorists from continue to benefit from the 10 cents discount . As a reminder, in the Franco-Swiss region, this rebate had caused controversy.

The deputy of Haute-Savoie, Loïc Hervé, protested this summer against the fact that the Swiss take advantage of government assistance unduly . By refueling in neighboring France.

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