Fuel allowance: don't forget to apply from this Monday

modified: 2023-01-15 16:09:02

This Monday, January 16, the form relating to requests for fuel compensation will be online on the tax website.

  Fuel allowance: don't forget to apply from this Monday

In 2022, the car drivers lived through a dark year . Indeed, if the prices of electricity and food have exploded, the prices charged in service stations have followed the same trend. Filling up is so expensive that some French people limit their trips to a minimum . However, the car remains essential to many workers. The government has therefore decided to make a gesture towards the less well-off households. The goal? Allow them to get to work . And this with a new boost: the fuel allowance.

Pump rebates have ended

To support the purchasing power of motorists , the government first introduced rebates in recent months. The French were therefore able to take advantage of a reduction of 30 cents per litre, reduced to 10 cents thereafter . But this device no longer exists since December 31, 2022.

Indeed, from now on, the fuel allowance replaces all these measures. Presented by Elisabeth Borne on December 7, 2022, this aid of 100 euros is intended to be more targeted . Also, it concerns 10 million people. These are the poorest workers in the country.

The public service website presents the fuel allowance as a system allowing results equivalent to those of the rebate . “Each member of a modest couple who uses their vehicle to get to their place of work will receive aid of €100. The couple will therefore be able to benefit from 200 € of aid for the purchase of fuel. For a person who travels an average of 12,000 km/year, this represents aid of around 10 euro cents per liter over the year. »

Fuel allowance: the steps to take

To ensure the payment of this aid, the State relies on data from the tax administration . However, you will not be able to obtain it automatically. You will need to file an application online on the tax website.

The form for requesting the fuel allowance will be online from January 16 to February 28. So, log in on Monday to do this. To do this, you will first need to enter your tax number. Then you will also need enter your number license plate . And finally, consider attaching a sworn statement to your file. The goal? Certify that you are using your vehicle properly to get to work . Indeed, the fuel allowance does not concern job seekers.

To know : if you do not have internet access, you can go to the tax office located near you. You can also benefit from assistance by telephone, by dialing 0 806 000 229.

According to the Minister delegate in charge of public accounts, Gabriel Attal , the payment will be made directly to your bank account. And it could well happen in the next few days. The first payment is from January 27. It will take between five and ten days for the payment to arrive in the bank account once the application is accepted. It will be very fast, the objective is for it to go quickly. »

As a reminder, there are resource limits for receiving the fuel allowance. Thereby, Bruno Le Maire has already indicated the income levels not to exceed . “1430 euros per month for a single person without children. If you are married, if you have a child, it could go up to 3,500 euros per month. »

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