Fuel allowance: how to apply for €100 for low-income households?

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Since January 1, the fuel allowance has replaced the rebate granted on diesel and petrol. But how to benefit from it?

  Fuel allowance: how to apply for €100 for low-income households?

The year 2022 has just ended. And it caused many worries to the French, already tested by the health crisis. Thus, households had to deal with an energy crisis and unprecedented inflation . Also, prices have increased in many sectors. Unfortunately for motorists, gas stations have not escaped this trend. Refueling is now much more expensive than a year or two ago . The State has therefore set up a temporary rebate, on the liter of fuel. However, this measure ended on December 31, 2022. But now, modest workers can count on the fuel allowance .

Aid that targets 10 million French people

Elisabeth Borne presented the fuel allowance on December 7th. Intended for the 50% of the most modest workers, its amount will reach 100 euros “ This represents a discount of around 10 cents per liter if you do 12,000 km per year, the average of what the French do in one year. »

To grant this aid, the government has thus provided a budget of one billion euros. However, certain criteria must be met to be entitled to the fuel allowance.

  • Have a vehicle
  • Use your vehicle every day to get to work
  • Earn 14,700 euros net per year (or less) per share of the tax household.

As a reminder, this maximum threshold of 14,700 euros applies to single people. Indeed, the scale evolves according to the composition of your tax household . However, an adult counts for one part, and a child for a half tax part. For example, a family comprising a couple and four children therefore has four parts . If the annual household income amounts to 33,000 euros, it reaches 8,250 euros per tax share. This family can thus quite benefit from the fuel allowance . Moreover, the payment of this aid remains individual. Also, two adults living in the same household can touch it. A working couple can then be entitled to 200 euros.

Apply for fuel allowance

The form for submitting an application will remain accessible online from January 16 to February 28, 2023 . French people wishing to receive the fuel allowance can find it on the tax website. So that the administration processes your recipe , it will be necessary fill in your tax number and license plate . But you will also need to attach a sworn statement, certifying that you use your vehicle to go to work.

People who do not have internet access can request support via the free number 0 806 000 229 . They may also approach the point France Services or the tax center located near their home.

Finally, be aware that this device only concerns those who need their vehicle to make journeys, towards their professional activity . It therefore does not target unemployed people. However, it is still possible to apply for other mobility aid from Pôle Emploi. Indeed, the car remains essential to ensure daily journeys , notably in rural areas . We must not forget that some territories lack public transport.

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