Fuel allowance: who is affected by the €100 bonus in 2023?

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To relieve low-income workers, the government has set up a fuel allowance to finance their travel.

  Fuel allowance: who is affected by the €100 bonus in 2023?

For months, the daily life of the French seems more and more complicated . Indeed, in the energy and food sectors, prices have soared And for motorists, going to the gas pump becomes an ordeal . During 2022, the State therefore tried to compensate for this situation by granting rebates on petrol and diesel. However, since the government has decided to replace this reduction with a more targeted measure . Thus, workers with low incomes will receive, from 2023, aid for refueling. We tell you about the fuel allowance, announced on December 7 by Elisabeth Borne .

Who will be entitled to this aid?

This boost is aimed at the poorest 50% of French people . It is intended for those who use their car every day to go to work. Eligibility for fuel allowance depends on your income. If you earn more than 22,040 euros per year, you will not have right to this aid .

Furthermore, affected vehicles are not limited to cars . If you travel by scooter or motorcycle, you can also receive this amount.

However, be aware that the fuel allowance can reach more than 100 euros per household. Thereby, in households where two adults drive to work , it can go up to 200 euros. Thus, this new aid should concern 10 million French people in 2023.

Fuel allowance: what steps should be taken?

As we have indicated previously, this aid depends on your income . To obtain the fuel allowance, you will therefore have to prove your resources. But it will also be necessary to prove that you need fuel to get to work . The essential first step? Bring your tax notice. Indeed, on this document, there is crucial information. It is your reference tax income (RFR) .

Then, you will have to connect directly to the site of the taxes . From 2023, a new section will allow you to carry out your request online fuel allowance. The information requested will also concern your vehicle.

In order to get this help, you will need to send several supporting documents to the tax authorities .

  • Your tax number: this data will allow the State to know your annual income and the composition of your household.
  • Your license plate: thus, the compensation will be attributed to your vehicle. You cannot hit this aid twice with one car.
  • Finally, you will need to attach a special letter to this request. This is a sworn statement. The goal? Certify that you use your vehicle for your journeys to your place of work.

In addition to the fuel allowance, the government has provided a lot of aid . Faced with inflation, know that you can benefit from an energy check. This boost will reach 100 to 200 euros depending on your situation . For those who heat with oil or wood, other checks have also emerged in recent months.

Whereas inflation must continue until 2023 , let’s hope that the purchasing power of the French can be maintained. With the end of year celebrations coming up, trips and fuel prices are very expensive. For travel, as for other expenses, caution is advised in many households .

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