Fuel allowances: you may be able to benefit from these aids

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Since January 16, the French can claim their fuel allowances. But there are also other aids for drivers.

  Fuel allowances: you may be able to benefit from these aids

In a few months, the purchasing power of the French has declined significantly . And for good reason, inflation reached 5.9% last month. And the rise in prices has affected many sectors. For motorists, the prices charged in stations-services are quite a blow. Also, throughout 2022, the State has tried to limit damage by offering rebates on gasoline and diesel. However, this device was not to last forever. From now on, fuel allowances have taken over . But what if you are not part of the public eligible for this boost? We take stock right away.

Fuel allowances: Why am I not entitled to this check?

Announced last December by Elisabeth Borne , this device must replace the discounts applied in recent months by the government. “That represents a discount of around 10 cents per liter if you do 12,000 km per year, the average of what the French do in a year. This system will have an envelope of approximately 1 billion euros. »

The fuel allowances thus target approximately 10 million French . To qualify, two criteria must be met:

  • Do not earn more than 1304 euros net per month. This ceiling concerns a single person. So it can climb to 3,285 euros net, for a person with two dependent children.
  • Use your vehicle to get to your place of work.

Since January 16, and until February 28 , taxpayers can go to the tax website to request their fuel allowances. But many French people will not be entitled to this aid. Notably if you live alone, earning more than 1304 euros per month . Or if you don't have a job.

What if I am not eligible for this new device?

If you do not fill the eligibility conditions for receiving fuel allowances , trying to get them is a bad idea. Indeed, the online form on tax website only takes into account the following information:

  • Your tax number : it allows the administration to know your reference tax income, but also the composition of your household.
  • The sworn statement that you must attach to your application. This document alone must prove that you use your vehicle to go to work .

However, the most dishonest have already found the fault. By sending false certificates, receive fuel allowances gets pretty easy. However, this is a very bad idea. Indeed, in this case, the administration will eventually realize it. It will then be necessary refund the 100 euros received, with an increase of 50 euros . No need to come to that. Indeed, there are many other nudges for motorists.

Fuel allowances: also consider the ecological bonus

If the price of gasoline worries you, an electric vehicle can be a very good solution. Indeed, with this kind of car, you do not have to refuel. A charging station will suffice . And environmentally, it's still a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are not entitled to fuel allowances, be aware that the ecological bonus , he can climb up to 6,000 or 7,000 euros depending on the case. And according to the Ministry of the Economy, it can also be used to buy a van. The ecological bonus for the acquisition of a new vehicle is reserved for electric passenger cars whose acquisition cost is less than €47,000 and whose mass is less than 2.4 tonnes, and for electric vans. The amount of aid can be up to €5,000 for the acquisition of a car and €6,000 for a van. »

The carpooling bonus, for first-time drivers

For several years now, Blablacar has met with great success. Indeed, for daily or long distance journeys , car sharing remains an ideal option. It allows drivers to save money, especially on tolls or petrol. In addition to fuel allowances, the government has therefore launched a carpooling bonus .

Its amount is 100 euros. But it is the subject of several installments. So you can touch 25 euros from the first trip , then the remaining 75 euros after 10 trips made by carpooling. In addition to the savings made, this solution is also rather positive from an ecological point of view.

Indemnités fuels: the first conversion to limit pollution

The best way to reduce its fuel expenses , it is still to switch to a less greedy model, and therefore less polluting. The Ministry of Economy specifies that the conditions for access to this aid have changed in 2023 The conversion bonus is reserved for households whose reference income per unit is less than €22,983. Its amount is increased for households in the first two income deciles (RFR/part less than €6,358). And for households in the first five income deciles and high rollers (benchmark tax income/share less than €14,089) for whom the premium can reach up to €6,000 for the acquisition of a car”

As with fuel allowances, there is a resource cap . On the other hand, concerning this boost, it remains significantly higher. So it should appeal to more people.

La mobilité alternative

Moreover, the government has launched other aid , intended to facilitate the movement of French people. So, for those who feel gas is getting too expensive, it might be time to switch to cycling. In fact, in addition to fuel allowances, aid intended for promote the purchase of a bicycle experienced an increase in their ceiling. To support a larger number of French people in the purchase of bicycles, the eligibility thresholds will be raised, from this date. To cover 50% of the poorest households (benchmark tax income per unit less than €14,089, compared to €13,489 in 2022) and 20% for enhanced aid (tax income per unit lower than €6,358 compared to €6,300 in 2022). »

Finally, employees can also rely on subsidies paid by their employers , in order to finance their journeys. Like the mobility package or the fuel bonus. According to l'URSAFF , the conditions of access to this system will widen. » Payment by the employer, in the form of a “transport bonus”, of fuel and supply costs for electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen vehicles used by employees for their travel. »

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