Fuel bonus: are you eligible for 100 euros? A simulator is available

modified: 2023-01-28 16:19:03

In return for the rebate at the pump, the government offers the fuel bonus for certain low-income households. Are you concerned?

  Fuel bonus: are you eligible for the'aide de 100 euros ? Un simulateur est disponible

Because of the conflict situation in Europe, the export of fuel to France is reduced . This is the main cause of inflation current runaway. According to statistics from INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), inflation in December was 5.9% year on year .

To address this problem, the government don't stand idly by . From September 1, 2022, a fuel discount of 30 cents per liter has been applied. This discount decreased over the months until it completely disappeared January 1, 2023. In exchange, the government offers a fuel bonus.

Where does the fuel premium come from?

Of course, as a help, it stems from the shortage of energy . A shortage that comes from the conflicting situation in Europe. Because of this situation, the Kremlin decided to reduce its energy exports see the rest of l'Europe. cella leads to an imbalance between supply and demand which gives rise to the current inflation.

Although inflation is general, the main cause is the lack of energy . As a result, the State provides several aids relating to energy. Among them, a pump discount of 30 cents per liter was applied at the beginning of September 2022. Unfortunately, this discount didn't last long . She was limited until the end of 2022 .

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced the bad news. Invited on the set of RTL this Thursday, October 13, the tenant of Bercy said:

“The government will not extend the rebate”.

However, this does not mean that the state will do nothing . The Minister of the Economy, after declaring this non-extension, stipulated:

“On the other hand, if prices increase (…) I do not exclude support for motorists who have no other choice but to take their car to go to work. It will be targeted support.”

is in 2023, and this targeted support is the fuel bonus . Are you targeted by this offer? How to know?

How do you know if you are eligible?

The easiest way and the fastest for find out if you are eligible is to do a simulation . The government has put an eligibility simulator online on taxes.gouv. The simulation is simple, it just answer the following series of questions .

  • Do you use a vehicle for professional purposes (including commuting)?
  • Are you established in mainland France, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique or Réunion and domiciled in France for tax purposes?
  • Were you aged at least 16 years old on December 31, 2021 ?
  • Have you declared earned income as income for 2021?
  • Are you liable for real estate wealth tax (IFI) for 2021?

You are eligible if you answered “Yes” to all of these questions except the last question. Indeed, if you are liable for real estate wealth tax , you are not affected by the fuel bonus.

If you have validated this first step, it you only have the means test . In the simulator, enter your taxable income reference. This is information you will find in your tax notice issued in 2022 on 2021 income .

Ugly is offered only to the “first five deciles” income, i.e. a reference tax income of less than 14,700 euros in 2021 for each tax share of your household. Once this is verified, a form asks is displayed on the site for the persons concerned . If so, this is displayed:

“Given the information entered, you do not meet the conditions to be able to benefit from the fuel allowance. »

Steps to take to receive the fuel bonus

As mentioned above, an application would have to be made for receive aid of 100 euros as a fuel bonus . To do this, you must complete a form posted on the tax website. This is the page that opens after the simulation if the result was positive . To complete this form, you need the following documents:

  • Your tax number,
  • Your driving vehicle license plate number,
  • A “sworn statement” stating need your car to go to work .

If you have completed all these steps, the fuel bonus will reach you within 8 days after request. It is the General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFiP) that deposits the amount of 100 euros into your bank account .

Here is, procedures for claiming prime fuel make it easier to encourage the French to make a request . According to statistics, only 3 million out of 10 million potential households have declared it so far.

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