Fuel discount: this date from which it will drop from 30 to 10 cents!

modified: 2022-09-24 12:02:02

Since April 2022, French people living in metropolitan France have benefited from a reduction in fuel prices. The alternative runs until December 2022.


While many people complain about rising energy costs , suppliers and the government proposes some solutions . Thus, a reduction is granted for each liter of fuel procured for the pump .

Will the reductions offered on the price of fuel soon drop?

L'alternative mise en place en vue de reduce the price fuel is applicable for all buyers following the calendars pre-established. For 30 cent discount , it is currently valid throughout France for each liter purchased. However, the sum could drop to 10 cents from November 1, 2022 . Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, has already confirmed this deadline.

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An extension until 2023 also remains possible depending on the evolution of costs. But also, depending on the supply and the situation in Ukraine. Note also that Total Energies offers aid of 20 cents for each liter of fuel purchased. And just like the state calendar, this figure will reduce to 10 cents soon. The date of durability of the latter, however, is not certain.

What types of energy are involved?

As a reminder, senators and deputies voted this summer on package anti-inflation.  In order to improve the purchasing power of the French. the device costs a total of 20 billion euros. However, all types of fuels are not concerned by this alternative.

It will only be applicable for domestic fuel oil; I es essences SP-95-E10, SP98-E5 and SP95; diesel, diesel ethanol and superethanol. same for me off-road diesel ; fishing diesel; natural gas conveys, liquefied and compressed; as well as liquefied petroleum gas fuel.

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The heating oil is therefore not affected. Note also that these devices are applicable only in French territories metropolitan . In other words, the overseas regions and Corsica do not benefit from it. fuel taxes indeed remain lower in the latter.

As for the validity dates, 30 cent discount s will be applicable until the end of October 2022, while that of 10 cents until December. Aid is no longer available. next year.

What can I do to benefit from the reduction on the price of fuel?

Since April 1, 2022, the delivery of 30 cents applies to all liters of fuel purchased. You can then benefit from it when you pay for your purchases by credit card or at the cash desk . Note that the sum displayed at the pump is the one you have to pay, discounts already included. You no longer have to do the calculations. Also know that we don't have to prove your trips in order to benefit from the reduction .

The discount on the price fuel is thus applicable for all customers, with or without a loyalty card. You just have to buy the type of energy concerned . In total, a customer can benefit from a reduction of 50 cents per liter for the moment, then 20 cents later, when the decline of the reduction apply to. According to the website of the Ministry of the Economy, the price reduction is not offered on heating oils .

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