Fuel: how to apply for government compensation from January 16?

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The fuel allowance of 100 euros will soon be available. What are the conditions to qualify? We respond.

  Fuel: how to request'indemnité du gouvernement à partir du 16 janvier ?

Instead of the fuel rebate, the French will receive compensation of 100 euros . To apply, you must go to the government website dedicated to taxes . Here are the conditions to respect.

Fuel allowance coming soon

Wednesday, January 4, 2023, we learn through a decree that the The fuel allowance payment will be coming soon . Indeed, from January 16, 2023, citizens who are eligible can claim the premium on the website impots.gouv.fr.

It should be noted that this indemnity was created , car the rebate at the pump on fuel has disappeared u. It was last December that Elisabeth Borne made the announcement . What does it consist of?

The decree published in the Official Journal confirms “the creation of a fuel allowance for workers using a vehicle for professional purposes” . It would be “intended to limit the effects of rising fuel costs”.

Fuel allowance: beneficiaries

The fuel allowance concerns residents of metropolitan France , in Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Reunion. In order to benefit from it, the taxpayer must be taxable in France for the year 2021 .

There is also an age requirement, as beneficiaries must be at least 16 years old on December 31, 2021 . Finally, it makes the taxpayer has already declared earned income for 2021 income under one of these headings:

  • All salaries and wages and similar income (excluding unemployment and early retirement)
  • Industrial and commercial benefits (BIC) micro-entrepreneurs or professionals
  • Non-commercial benefits (BNC) micro-entrepreneurs or professionals
  • Agricultural profits (BA)

Income conditions

The fuel allowance does not benefit all French people regardless of their social class. Indeed, among the conditions, there are income conditions. This is why only 10 million lowest-income workers can access help.

These are households that are in “the first 5 deciles” of income. Namely, all those with a reference tax income below 14,700 euros in 2021 .

Here are the revenues you must have according to the composition of the household to get help:

  • Single person: 1,314 euros
  • Couple with 1 child: 3,285 euros
  • Single woman with 2 children: 3,285 euros
  • Couple with 2 children: 3,941 euros
  • Couple with 3 children: 5,255 euros

Fuel assistance: eligible vehicles

Almost all types of vehicles are eligible for the fuel allowance . Thus, you can claim the bonus if you have a 2, 3 or 4 wheel vehicle. And what it is electric or thermal .

The state also does not require that the vehicle either used for personal purposes or on the contrary for professional purposes . As long as the vehicle be regularly insured . There are, however, a few exceptions:

  • The heavy weights
  • Heavy motor quadricycles
  • agricultural vehicles
  • Company or service vehicles

If your vehicle belongs to one of these categories , you would not be able to receive the fuel allowance of 100 euros. Never mind if you meet the other conditions .

When should the premium be claimed?

Do you think that you are eligible for the bonus of 100 euros ? In this case, you are probably wondering when you will be able to claim it. In fact, the answer is in the decree published Wednesday, January 4 in the Official Journal.

According to this text, any request will be made:

“Between January 16, 2023 and February 28, 2023 by dematerialized means using a form made specifically available to applicants on the impots.gouv.fr website. »

What about payment? In effect, the fuel allowance will be :

'Paid by the General Directorate of Public Finance, after processing the applications, into the bank account communicated to the tax authorities for income tax by the tax household to which the eligible applicant belongs'

A few details on the fuel allowance

These are the terms and conditions for be eligible for the fuel allowance in the amount of 100 euros. At the end of this article, we would like give some details on the premium :

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