Fuel: this magic tip from Google Maps to make incredible savings!

modified: 2022-09-14 20:11:02

Fuel has become a concern. We are all looking for a way to reduce our consumption. Google Maps gives us a solution.


In parallel with the rise in electricity and gas , fuel is also experiencing a crisis at the moment. Since the subsidy measures put in place by the State cannot be eternal, it is necessary to find another solution . Among many others, you can discover an alternative through the Google Maps application.

Fuel: A reduction in consumption, possible with Google Maps

There are many factors that help to better understand the consumption fuel for a car. In addition to the length of the journey, the condition of the tyres, the traffic jams and the way of conduct also influence your energy costs .

For Google Maps users , the old version of the application was only used to determine the shortest path between two points. However, it is necessary to take into account the possible traffic jams which could delay the voyage and increase the amount of fuel to use .

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A fine knowledge of the road situation was then essential in order to establish a advantageous route . And add to that the problems that can arise along the way that require a plan B. But the new feature of Google Maps saves you a lot of time. It also saves fuel consumption, because other parameters have been included in its program.

Besides the length of the journey, Google Maps also integrates road characteristics that you are going to borrow. Among other things, the slopes and inclinations of all kinds, and the other reliefs to consider are among the information you benefit from. On the other hand, Google Maps also analyzes the average speed motorists on a given route. Information that is essential for your decision making.

How to get this information?

From the outset, and obviously, you must have the Google Maps application on your Smartphone. Whether on Android or on iPhone , you only have to Download . An online version is also available in case the software is not yet available in your region.

After this step, the rest is relatively simple. Just enter your contact details. destination . It lies on the “itinerary” section , just a little lower on your screen. The route will tell you roughly how much fuel you need to buy.

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Your starting point, meanwhile, is already located by the application satellites . After entering the route, you can see three small dots at the top of the interface that you need to select.

This action gives you access to the “Route options”, where you can now check the box “Prefer fuel-efficient routes”. The procedures to follow are as simple as that, because the mountain view giant sees itself as a company that is totally involved in the fight against the degradation of the environment .

Fuel: An application soon accessible to all!

Google is a big company international , which was born in a garage in America. But now he's an avid follower of the eco-responsible policy . Hence the project which aims to reduce household fuel expenditure.

This application will be accessible to everyone soon. And just install it on your phone like the previous version. We can then benefit from its advantages and save fuel , one more good for our wallets!

Apparently the new version of l’application Google Maps was first marketed in the United States. Shortly after, and thanks to certain partners, Germany was able to benefit from these new features and thus optimize its fuel.

As for the rest of Europe, a wait of a few days should be enough to also enjoy the new tool for save fuel .