Full rate: how much can you claim for your pension?

modified: 2023-01-14 18:03:02

It is sometimes difficult to calculate your full pension. Fortunately, “My retirement estimate” from Info-retraite.fr tells us everything.

  Full rate: how much can you claim for your pension?

Several conditions must be met for know when and how much will be the amount of your pension at full rate. As a general rule, this amount depends on the income of your 25 best years of activity. Thereby, the value of the pension is personal . Everyone should know their own. How to do ?

You can do the calculation yourself. However, the simplest and fastest is to consult “My retirement estimate” of the Info-retraite.fr platform. How does it work? What are the steps to follow ? Are the estimates reliable ? We take stock in this article.

How to make a retirement simulation at full rate or not

As mentioned above, you can do the calculation yourself . For this, the government site Service-Public, published on February 24, 2022, gives us the formula. The retirement pension is equal to:

“Average annual income x Pension rate x (Duration of insurance under the general scheme limited to the duration of insurance to obtain a full rate pension (depending on your year of birth) / Duration of insurance to obtain a full rate pension )”.

If this seems difficult to you, don't panic, the official Info-retraite.fr website gives us a free and fast simulation . To do this, follow these steps:

  • 1st step: Consult the official website Info-retraite.fr, or on the app “My retirement account”
  • 2nd step: On the home page, click on “My retirement estimate”,
  • 3rd step: Press on “Access the simulator”

Here is, the simulation page called '[email protected]' is displayed . To continue, follow these steps:

  • Go directly to 'my estimate',
  • Press on “simulate my retirement”.

An already pre-filled page is displayed. Check the information, complete those that are still empty and modify the false information . After that, click on “Validate”.

Interpretation of simulation results

Once after pressing validate, three retirement estimates appear on the screen .

Here they are :

  • A conceivable amount of pension at age 62, i.e. the legal retirement age in force .
  • A “full rate” amount, the age of which varies according to the number of quarters validated
  • An estimated amount for your 67th birthday. This last is the automatic full rate age , i.e. the age at which you will receive a full pension even if you do not complete the quarters.

It should be specified that these amounts are gross values . To get the net amounts of its three results, click the slider at the top right . Where it says “net before tax”. The term net here means prices before income tax, therefore without deduction at source or social allowances .

Full pension: are these results reliable?

The reliability or not of these results depends on the data you provided . Moreover, still in this simulation, you can make predictions. Before, this simulation was reserved for people close to retirement, i.e. from the age of 55. Currently, anyone with a Social Security number can navigate it .

The results shown change as information becomes available that you communicated. You can, for example, change the retirement age for a full pension. This is a very convenient option for generations concerned with the pension reform which lowers the retirement age to 64 . According to the sections “Customize my estimate” then “My future situation”, you can change the amount of your annual income .

A simulation for the pension reform

For the moment, the starting age to have a full pension in the simulation is 62 . It is not known whether this will change after the reform. However, there is already a simulation to find out if you are affected by the new starting age. Still on the Info-retraite site, go to the section “am I concerned? » .

So many are wondering: how much will they earn when they retire ? Whether you plan to reach the full pension or not, Info-retraite informs you of everything. Although this is still an estimate, from its results you can decide whether or not to save now for your old age .

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