Gad Elmaleh speaks about a dark family history that has remained secret for years

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A moving family story of Gad Elmaleh that will remain forever in his heart. He tells us everything.

  Gad Elmaleh

Gad Elmaleh is a comedian born in Casablanca, Morocco, but who is especially well known in France. After a long work on his faith and his personal convictions, he managed to get out. Stay a bit. A very touching story in which he shares with us the habits and customs in the society where he was. Moments in his life he will never forget.

Gad Elmaleh: A family secret that had been gnawing at him for years

Gad and Arié Elmaleh are the two big brothers of the family. They are already known more or less by the general public. However, we also made the knowledge recently from their little sister Judith. She was noticed by the publication of her first book entitled: A queen , an edition by Robert Laffont. In her biography, she tells the story and secret of her family, but she speaks above all of Mimi, their paternal grandmother much adored by all.

If already, the siblings are in perfect agreement with art. They are even more so with the great stories of their family. United as ever, they face their past. Gad, Arie and Judith reveal their biggest secret.

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The revelation of the story of their grandmother Mimi touches them deeply . Gad Elmaleh, Arie and Judith all grew up with their grandmother Mimi. They said that officially they only had Mimi as a grandmother. But the story said otherwise.

Judith told Paris Match: “ My parents used to tell us that our grandfather's first wife was our great-grandmother.' .

A very incredible discovery!

While the Elmaleh children believed the story of the great-grandmother; Judith discovers, by chance, their grandfather kissing this so-called great-grandmother on the mouth. Shocked by this act, she preferred to hunt the image out of his head instead of telling his brothers. However, such a thing does not fade away and it still affects his heart so much.

Thirty-two years after this disturbing image , it is only after all this time that she was able to discover the true identity of Mimi . A truth that left him speechless. The story goes back a long time, when there were still forced marriages.

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forced to marry his uncle , Mimi had 7 children, of which the 3 eldest were given to the first wife of the husband because she could not conceive children. Refusing not to live with her children, especially on the arrival of her fourth child, she raised her voice to the father of Gad Elmaleh, Arié and Judith.

In this family, there is no question of bickering or hurting each other. On the contrary, we must remain united to protect the children. In any case, if there is one thing that Gad, Arié and Judith Elmaleh have never forgotten, it is above all the tips of Mimi. Gad Elmaleh also remembers what Mimi said to Judith: “ if you're not happily married, promise me you'll leave' .

Gad Elmaleh and his promises

If this was the great secret of the Elmaleh family, Gad Elmaleh also remembers his promises at the time: “ Find a woman who will cook like her, the best dafinas' . A statement that Mimi hastened to correct: “ Are you looking for a wife or an employee? », annoyed by the reaction of the one.

But the things they will never forget about her was her smile . To them she was always happy, she was a queen .