Gad Elmaleh: talks openly about his 'burnout' the dark period of his life

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In a podcast, Gad Elmaleh openly confides in one of the most difficult moments of his life. The comedian talks about his “burn out”.

  Gad Elmaleh: talks openly about his 'burnout' the dark period of his life

Gad Elmaleh is one of those artists who devote themselves a lot in their works . We can notably cite his show “D’ailleurs” and his film “Reste un peu”. Although it is not to complain, the comedian's past has not always been rosy .

Recently on the InPower podcast, the actor zoomed in on quite a difficult time in his life . Indeed, Gad Elmaleh looks back on his weakened mental health by revealing a terrible memory during a performance. All the details in this article.

Gad Elmaleh was 'close to burnout'

Clearly, no one is not spared the difficulties of life . It is not Gad Elmaleh who will say the opposite. However, unlike ordinary mortals, it was the glory that almost made him lose his mind .

Let's first put things in context. As a stage man, Gad Elmaleh has to do shows to earn a living . Therefore, if successful, we are asked and we go on tours .

This is exactly what happened to the comedian. In his own words, the friend of Jamel Debbouze confessed to having 'played too much' . It didn't stop there, because the man revealed feeling 'close to burnout .

“The fact that I had played too much made me hear my own jokes like evil sounds, it was terrible,” he recalled.

A situation that affected him to the point of saying:

“I never want to do this job again in my life, ever again. »

It is all the more a nightmare given the fact that, in the 2000s, Gad Elmaleh was at the height of his glory . A glory he probably wanted to do without seen his remarks in the InPower podcast .

'When it works, it's never too much. Everything is smiling at you, people want you, you are in demand and it's a bit like the tumble, it's infinite. It's more people, more money, more fans, more requests, more shows, more parties...' he said.

His crush on Léa Salamé

In this podcast, Gad Elmaleh doesn't just talk about the hard times in his life . Quite the contrary. The comedian notably returned to his time on the set of the show “Quelle époque! presented by Léa Salamé.

It is therefore with this touch of humor that characterizes him that he is going to make a strange confidence . In fact, Gad Elmaleh confessed to have had a big crush on the presenter of the program broadcast on France 2.

“I saw while doing a little research on you, that she (Léa Salamé, editor’s note) had taken you a little by surprise as she knows how to do so well when you went to her set two weeks ago” , does not fail to remind him of Louise Aubery.

The actor then replied:

'Me, I'm already destabilized, well not destabilized, but very seduced by intelligence, intelligence in men, women, children, it's something that captivates me. »

Visibly, this was the case of Léa Salamé in the eyes of Gad Elmaleh . The latter added:

“This woman, she is extremely brilliant, we also share, not a passion, but a real interest in spirituality, religions, so it was a bit like my media crush. »

This before concluding with:

“Basically she described me as someone who was in a form of asceticism because I'm on a spiritual quest like that, she said to me 'You don't drink alcohol anymore, you don't go out anymore , you do retreats in monasteries' and cash she says to me 'Are you still fucking?'I found that very abrupt and at the same time very funny. »

That's a nice statement! That will undoubtedly go straight to the heart of the principal concerned if she found out.

Gad Elmaleh in a relationship with a journalist

51-year-old single father, Gad Elmaleh had a busy love life . You should know that his two sons, Noé and Raphaël, were born to two different mothers . The first of the Caesarized actress Anne Brochet and the second of Charlotte Casiraghi.

However, did you know that the actor was also in a relationship with a well-known journalist ? This is Marie Drucker, that is to say the niece of Michel Drucker. The two stars were together from 2009 to 2010 .

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