Gad Elmaleh: uncomfortable in TPMP after an anecdote concerning his private life

modified: 2023-01-24 22:16:02

Last Thursday, the famous comedian visited the TPMP team. But a columnist revealed an idyll experienced by Gad Elmaleh.

  Gad Elmaleh: pain'aise dans TPMP après une anecdote concernant sa vie privée

On C8, the most awaited program of the public is, without a doubt, Do not touch My TV . Every evening, Cyril Hanouna gathers all his little troop . The goal? Comment on the news, but also offer a moment of relaxation to viewers. Thus, with each new edition, the animator constantly tries to find new ways to captivate your audience . On the set, revelations, clashes and sketches are part of everyday life. However, last week, a real star of humor made an appearance in TPMP. It is Gad Elmaleh, comedian and comedian well known to the French . But during his time on C8, the comedian had to face unexpected revelations.

The artist makes a remarkable entrance on the set

This Thursday, January 19, the whole of France seemed in turmoil . In question ? A massive mobilization against the pension reform carried out by the government. In this tense context, Cyril Hanouna preferred to play the humor card . So he invited one of his ' best friends ' in TPMP. You guessed it, it's Gad Elmaleh.

At 51 , the actor marked the public in many roles , like Choucou or Coco. But he also knew how to seduce many fans during his various one-man-shows . He therefore perfectly knew how to set the mood on the set of the show. He even took the time to make a phone call to the son of Cyril Hanouna. But he also spent several minutes laughing with each of the columnists. We were thus able see Gad Elmaleh, in the middle of a romantic one-on-one, facing Matthieu Delormeau or even Danielle Moreau. But one of the TPMP columnists did not hesitate to reveal an anecdote that somewhat destabilized the comic.

Gad Elmaleh against Beatrice Rosen

Recall that this s two actors have already had the opportunity to rub shoulders on a movie set a few years ago. A stormy relationship according to Gad Elmaleh . « Once in my life, she chased me after almost a whole day while I was dressed as a clown. She knocked me out with a vase, while I was sleeping, she did weird things to me, I woke up in another dimension, in a distant house, in a forest. »

Faced with this confidence, Béatrice Rosen has decided to drop a scoop , regarding the love life of Gad Elmaleh. A fantastic story, in which the actress found herself involved in spite of herself . » We saw each other in Los Angeles. You had a lease with a mutual friend, who lived with me. I had a casting the next day, I wanted to get home early, and the relous, because they didn't have a car, neither of them, they took me through all LA to bring them back to his hotel. »

Those who admire Gad Elmaleh, however, should know that he is no longer single . Indeed, after his breakup with Charlotte Casiraghi, the comedian, recently converted to Catholicism, seems to have found love again. However, in the show The Clique, facing Mouloud Achour , he did not want to reveal the identity of his new companion .

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