Galette des rois: 60 million consumers reveal the best according to a test

modified: 2023-01-10 18:05:02

What is the best Galette des Rois sold in supermarkets in your opinion? Discover the choice of 60 Million consumers.

  Galette des rois: 60 million consumers reveal the best according to a test

Surely you have your preference, but find out the best according to the editorial staff of 60 Million consumers . The latter published the result of a test of the best galettes des rois . And according to the authors of the survey, the result is no surprise .

6 galettes des rois tested

It is a long-awaited tradition and we have not forgotten it, like every year in January. Indeed, this year, for Epiphany, the galette des rois is back . Having many followers, this cake is made with butter and frangipane .

Every year, where he sells nearly 30,000,000 . In any case, this is what the National Confederation of French Bakery-Pastry reveals. For amateurs to see more clearly, the editorial staff of 60 Millions de consommateurs carried out a test .

For that, she chose six brands available in supermarkets . The jury took into consideration the composition, the price, but also the taste, of course. Here is the six cakes in question : Pastries, Maître Jean-Pierre, Monoprix, Brioche Pasquier and Picard.

The best of the 6 is...

One of these six pancakes prevailed during the tasting . It is indeed that of the Picard brand. In terms of taste and ingredients, this galette des rois is the one that most seduced the jurors . However, this brand is also the most expensive of the six (6.99 euros) .

For Laura Hendrikx, this is not a surprise . Laura Hendrikx is the journalist who conducted the survey for 60 Million consumers. On France Info, the journalist said:

'It's the only one sold raw and frozen. It was therefore cooked by us the day before, which gives a result close to a homemade galette. »

We cannot, according to her, expect the same thing for the one that we have cooked and wrapped for several weeks. According to the journalist, it is especially felt on the texture , which clearly lacks foliage.

A few galettes des rois for Epiphany

Because the French love galettes des Rois , here are a few that will make them happy:

Pierre Hermé

The emblematic ingredient of the galette des rois is the almond. This last is in the famous frangipane . Pierre Hermé had the good idea to sublimate it in a toasted almond cream with slivers of dried fruit. Moreover, its foliage is very crispy . This galette des rois, you can afford it for 35 euros.

The Lutetia

You will probably agree that this is a real favorite . Nicolas Guercio, pastry chef at Lutetia, has designed a pecan nut galette. She plays on textures: butter cream, praline and foliage. Despite its creaminess, this pancake remains crunchy . It is obtained for 75 euros.

Lenotre House

This brand of galette des rois takes the form of a cup of hot chocolate enjoyed in winter to warm up. It's a real treat, especially with its chocolate topping and small marshmallows. This Lenôtre signature cake is 70 euro .

The duration

For his signature galette, the pastry chef of Ladurée, Julien Alvarez, has for its part made the choice of pistachio . This galette des rois takes the form of a Basque cake . Alvarez topped it with an almond and pistachio cream with a hint of orange blossom. It is 45 euros.

Nina Metayer

Let's travel with the gifted Nina Métayer with her elegant galette topped with a crown. The crown is a real work of craftsmanship . The latter hides a frangipane with notes of almonds, pistachios, not to mention the scent of orange blossom. With a touch of originality represent the heart region of the pastry chef , Charentes-Poitou PDO butter. The crown is 49 euros.

Chocolate House

This galette des Rois wants to 'illuminate the taste buds' with its lemon confit mixed with a full-bodied chocolate ganache (80%) . At its heart, it contains a melting hazelnut cream. This Galette Soleil des Rois, Maison du Chocolat is 60 euros .

Babka Zana

This is the Epiphany treat that you never get tired of. The signature Babka of the Kings is a puff pastry brioche with frangipane and a little honey. It's a real delight. You can afford it for 38 euros.

The Great Grocery

This year, the head of the bakery workshop at La Grande Épicerie offers an almond and chestnut galette . He made it using Ardèche chestnut flour. A note of rusticity that makes all the difference . Treat yourself to this almond and French chestnut galette for 29.5 euros.

Source : C news