Video Game Of Thrones Actress Says Marilyn Manson Abused & Scarred Her During Their Relationship

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Game of Thrones starlet Esmé Bianco is the current female to come forward with abuse claims versus her ex Marilyn Manson

In a brand-new interview with New York Magazine on Wednesday, the 38-year-old claims Manson sexually attacked her without permission, as soon as “consistently cut her upper body with a knife,” and was disturbingly violent while shooting a video.

She likewise stated he managed all elements of her life while they were together. She even more included that in the start, Manson was a “huge good example who truly assisted me through some challenging and extremely dark time as a teen” that later on developed into “a beast who practically ruined me and practically ruined numerous ladies.”

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Bianco, best understood for her function as Ros in the very first couple of seasons of GOT, satisfied the vocalist in 2005 through his then-fiancée Dita Von Teese, with whom she carried out burlesque. They stayed friendly for many years, and in 2009 he employed her to star in the video for the tune I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies— and she states that was the very first time she experienced violence at his hands.

The previous burlesque dancer claims Manson informed her the video was a “kidnapping” plot and would need her to “pretend to like being manhandled by me” on set. Things ultimately took a frightening turn. The set was his house, and the video (which we do not keep in mind and can not discover anywhere online) was shot on simply a phone video camera. The then-26-year-old sustained abuse and absence of food while being caught using underwear for 3 days. In the piece, she declares Manson whipped her, connected her up with cable televisions, and utilized a vibrator called a Violet Wand on her (the exact same gadget Evan Rachel Wood explained) to the point of injury– all with no conversation of permission.

She states later she was distressed about the “shoot”– however seemed like she and Manson had a bond, which her injuries were evidence.

Over the next couple years she state Manson a number of more times as they had what she refers to as a long-distance affair. The important things is, the rocker was having the exact same experience with a number of ladies. Per his individual assistant Ashley Walters, who likewise spoke with NY Mag, he was welcoming numerous ladies throughout this time duration to his house for “shoots” or “video.” She would likewise schedule ladies to fulfill him at hotels while he was on the roadway:

” I was generally providing him a schedule of who’s at what hotel. I didn’t understand how far the violence was addressing the time.”

In 2011, Manson in fact used to assist Bianco by welcoming her to stick with him while she worked to get her visa. He was extremely sweet in the beginning, she states, showering her with attention. This is what’s called a “love bomb” in abuse victim assistance groups.

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When she relocated with the 52-year-old entertainer, Bianco declares, is when he began a cycle of psychological abuse and embarrassment, such as handling what she used and when she might leave his apartment or condo:

” I generally seemed like a detainee. I came, and I addressed his satisfaction. Who I spoke with was entirely managed by him. I called my household hiding in the closet.”

Bianco even remembered an event in which the artist constantly played among her naked scenes from the GOT pilot “on a projector for visitors” and would call her “a slut” in front of them. For those who do not understand, the English design was understood for being the focus of much of the HBO hit’s early “sexposition” scenes prior to her character progressed into a spy.

Esme Bianco as Ros on Game of Thrones Season 1
Esme Bianco as Ros on Game of Thrones Season 1./ (c) HBO

That was not the only time other individuals were around to witness her abuse. Bianco points out Manson made violent and degrading remarks towards ladies on a routine basis, something that fans and record executives alike disregarded:

” He’s informed the world time and time once again, ‘This is who I am.’ He concealed in plain sight.”

Bianco thought the 2 were being monogamous throughout this time, something she would later on find was not even near real. Walters, his assistant, states she was charged with watching on Bianco whenever he was sleeping with other ladies to make certain she didn’t see. If they were from abuse or consensual sexual activity– and were scared to ask,

Friends discovered swellings on Bianco’s body however didn’t understand. Even if they had, the starlet thinks she would not have actually informed them the reality or accepted any assistance:

” I believe I would have made reasons for him. I remained in survival mode at that point, and my brain had actually taught me to be reasonable and little.”

She even discovered for the outlet an old text she had actually sent out Manson about the scars he offered her:

” Everytime I move they harm so excellent thinking about you”

Bianco states:

” Now, when I think of that, I’m so embarrassed. I was frantically attempting to please him and to keep myself out of difficulty.” By June 2011, Bianco states she left Manson’s apartment or condo after he chased her around with an ax. She later on broke up with him and now declares that the relationship left her with both physical scars and PTSD. Bianco blames the anxiety attack and night horrors she continued to suffer for her failure to continue her acting success following


: ” I could not step up to fulfill that minute in my life since of what he ‘d done to me.” Bianco now signs up with an chorus of ladies and guys who have actually just recently brought out accusations versus Manson, consisting of Wood, Corey Feldman, and Ellie Rowsell In case you didn’t understand, she and Wood formerly worked to promote for California’s

Phoenix Act

, which basically extended the time a domestic abuse survivor needs to report or push battery chargers versus their abuser. At the time she went public with her story of abuse– however like Wood didn’t call her abuser. She did, nevertheless, publish an image of the scars Manson offered her throughout that very first “video shoot.”

We alert you, this might be particularly activating:

Bianco is now going to call Manson and certainly has no issue calling him a “serial predator.”” He’s not a misinterpreted artist. He is worthy of to be behind bars for the rest of his life.” Manson has actually given that rejected the claims made by those who have actually stepped forward, calling them “awful distortions of truth.” Currently, he has actually been stopped by his skill company


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