Garou separated: the singer reveals the reasons for his breakup with Stéphanie Fournier

modified: 2023-01-06 17:29:02

For some time, Garou has been single again, he explains his breakup with Stéphanie Fournier.

  Garou separated: the singer reveals the reasons for his breakup with Stéphanie Fournier

Garou releasing a new album, he was able to confide in our colleagues from Parisian . But, in addition to talking about this new project, the latter was able to address the subject of his private life. And especially, the return to celibacy after his breakup with Stéphanie Fournier , his partner for more than ten years already.

Garou, this new album

Recently, Garou was able to promote for his brand new album. The latter remains a tribute to the great Joe Dassin. So simply, this new album took the name of Garou joe Dassin . A fairly explicit pun on the nature of this album. During the tour for the promotion of the latter, the singer was also able to address the subject of his private life. Especially the separation with Stéphanie Fournier, even though they seemed together for more than 10 years already.

The reason for the breakup

It therefore remains with our colleagues from Parisian that Garou was able to talk about his wife, and their breakup. He confided rather painfully that “ This is my longest story ”. But, despite this long relationship, the negative sides can also arrive over time. He stated that “ We were starting to live like an old couple . Today, I give myself more freedom ”. It seems that despite the pain of letting ten years of his life go, the singer has moved on. Or at least, he doesn't seem ready to go back.

However, already in 2016, Garou was talking about Stéphanie Fournier in the press. He described her as ' Today I am very much in love. She's too over the top too. , but only in love. So we meet on this ground and, for the rest, it calms me down a lot! Luckily she's here ”. And, in love to the point of starting a family together. Indeed, Garou intended to have a child with the latter. He widely acknowledged that he wanted “ expand the family ' with her.

New Horizons

Despite this past and the love they were able to give to each other, the couple ended up ending. Unfortunately, this kind of breakup can often feel like a blessing in disguise. So, instead of crying over his fate, he prefers to accept the situation and move on . It must be said that if basic, mad love seemed to be there, the flame ended up going out. Not that there was no more love, but more of a routine. But Garou doesn't really seem to be a big fan of this routine. . This remains the reason why he called his couple “old”.

Thus, Garou continues to enjoy this new life in Quebec. On the other hand, if he does not like the routine, he has a lot of change now. Going from a ten-year relationship to being single again is quite a change. As for his days now, he remains quite candid. He told Le Parisien that “ I go back to my house, I put oil in the chainsaw to cut wood and I get on my tractor. I'm all alone and it suits me very well ”. The important thing is that he is happy, and obviously, that seems to be the case.

Source : Europe 1