Georgina Rodriguez : ce cadeau hors de prix pour le Noël de Cristiano Ronaldo

modified: 2022-12-28 16:10:02

On the occasion of Christmas, Georgina Rodriguez offered a gift for Cristiano Ronaldo which did not fail to shock him.

  Georgina Rodriguez : ce cadeau hors de prix pour le Noël de Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone has their own way of celebrating Christmas, but for Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez there are presents. But it is not only small gifts . Whether in size, weight and even price, the Georgina Rodriguez gift is huge . It must be said that the football player has lived through complicated months, especially with the defeat of Portugal at the World Cup. He really needed to regain his smile and his morale. And that's why, what could be better than a gift that is worth hundreds of thousands of euros . We'll explaine everything here.

Cristiano Ronaldo, sa dernière Coupe du monde

Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of football's most popular players. But, while the latter is part of the legends, this last World Cup seemed very complicated for him. It turns out that he was put in the background, which never seemed to have happened to him before. So inevitably, when in the last match against Morocco or Portugal lost, he struggled to hold back his tears.

And if in national team, Cristiano Ronaldo does not seem in his best form, in club it does not seem better. Indeed, while his first club, Manchester United, to snap up the player last year, the deal ended just before the World Cup. Moreover, many rumors suggest that the player could sign with Saudi Arabia . And this for a salary much higher than all the others, all sports combined.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, it remains all the more difficult as his lifelong rival, Lionel Messi, seems to be at his peak having won this World Cup. For the latter, while the only trophy he lacked in his career therefore remained the World Cup . He will return for the season to his club, Paris Saint Germain, in top form.

A gift worth gold

So, even if the future of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo remains uncertain, it seems to take a rather dark turn. So inevitably, with such worries, his Christmas seemed strained to say the least. But, that remained without counting on his dear family, and in particular Georgina Rodriguez . It must be said that this last shoulder CR7 as best as it can. And obviously, nothing seems expensive enough not to offer it to the player.

It was in this context that Georgina Rodriguez gave Cristiano Ronaldo a particularly expensive gift . So, inevitably, with such a gift budget, the latter decided to film the reaction of the lucky one when he saw his gift. And the least we can say is that he was happy.

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The gift in question remains nothing but a new convertible Rolls-Royce . A gift that would inevitably make many people happy, like the football player. For this purchase, Georgina Rodriguez will still have spent 300,000 euros according to the Daily Mail . But in reality, the exact value did not seem to reveal. Because, for a vehicle of this brand without option, it's more around 500,000 euros .

So, although we don't really know how much Georgina Rodriguez was able to spend on her husband, one thing is certain, he has a smile. And that was still all that the mother of the family wanted for her husband.

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